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Ledman released Micro LED private home theatre system, 138〞, priced at CNY 499999

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   Ledman held a new product launch at 15:00 on September 27 and released its first consumer-grade Micro LED private home theatre system for the home market. It is said that the product has over one hundred of Ledman patents, with more natural luminous rate, unparalleled image quality, wider color gamut and anti-blue-light super eye-protecting function. The 138inches product is priced at CNY 499999, and presold in Jingdong flagship store of Ledman.


   According to public information, the Micro LED private home theatre system released by Ledman this time is based on the COB UHD display panel independently developed by the company as the core, It’s a product that integrates more than 100 inches large display area, integrated intelligent system and high-end audio and massive resources, and has been continuously polished. It is expected to gradually occupy the high-end home display market after its launch.

   Ledman believes that the release of consumer-grade Micro LED private home theatre system marks a key step for Ledman to finally take the extension of UHD display products from  TO B to TO C. In addition, it also means Ledman officially completes the all-round layout of the three product tracks which are special display, commercial display and civil display.


Mr. Martin Lee (chairman) shares the industrial trend and releases the new product

   At the launch, Martin Lee, chairman of Ledman, made a report on "Micro LED UHD leads the new display trend in the future". He believes that the changing trend of China's color TV market towards super large size is becoming more and more obvious, and super large size Micro LED TVs over 100 inches will gradually enter private families in the future.

   With the comprehensive development of 5G communication technology, the continuous maturity of 8K technology and the strong support of industrial policies, "5G + 8K" related industries are entering a period of rapid development. On this background, the global display industry is also ushering in a "visual revolution". As early as 2018, Samsung, Sony and Ledman had successively released Micro LED UHD large screen display products using COB technology and quickly introduced them to the market. Therefore, 2018 is called the first year of application of Micro LED application.


   Since then, the Micro LED products based on COB technology have rapidly expanded in the commercial large screen market and become one of the fastest-growing segments of the whole display market. From the perspective of competition pattern, Ledman is one of the manufacturers fastest occupying the market. With advanced technology, high-quality and obvious cost advantages, the company has developed into a leading enterprise in the field of COB display in China. According to the industry research report previously released by AVCRevo, Ledman has reached 30.56% market share in the domestic Micro LED field based on COB technology, achieving an absolute market advantage.

   Samsung took the lead in launching the 110 inches Micro LED TV with COB advanced display technology in early 2021, marking that the Micro LED TV has begun to enter the C-end consumer market. As an important player in the field of Micro LED professional display and commercial display, Ledman will officially launch the consumer-grade Micro LED home display products on September 27, which may indicate that the company is in the forefront of the industry in terms of new product R & D and launch progress.

   In the future, with the further development and maturity of technology and process, the Micro LED products based on COB technology are expected to land in more downstream application markets. As one of the leading enterprises with core technologies in this field, Ledman has a promising future.

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