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Ledman Optoelectronic: four factors drive the rapid growth of performance

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  In the first three quarters of 2021, Ledman reaped an operating revenue of 923 million yuan, up 40.59% year on year, and a net profit attributable to the owner of the parent company of RMB 45.103,500 yuan, up 7,137.19% year on year;

  On October 27, Ledman received an object-targeted research to analyze the company's four growth drivers.

  The first is the rapid growth of domestic Micro LED ultra HD display business. It is learned that, in the first three quarters of 2021, Ledman’s domestic business scored a total revenue of 388 million yuan, up 88% from the same period last year. Its Micro LED ultra HD display business based on COB technology achieved a total revenue of 297 million yuan, up 95% year-over-year, with domestic Micro LED revenue up 102% year-over-year.

  During the reporting period, the company strove for a larger share in the domestic market. Driven by 5G+8K ultra high definition vision new reform, it strengthened the construction of domestic regional sales network and exhibition hall, enhancing experiential marketing and focusing on customer needs. The growing market share of Micro LED dedicated and commercial display applications drove the rapid growth of its domestic revenue.

  The second is plentiful export orders and year-on-year growth of revenue from overseas operations. In the first three quarters of 2021, Ledman saw its overseas business generate a total revenue of 535 million yuan, up 19% from the same period last year. Overseas LED display business revenue reached 70 million yuan, up 46% from the same period last year, with overseas LED lighting business revenue hitting 265 million yuan.

  Ledman said that, currently, with improvement on the situation of rising shipping prices and shortage of containers, the shipment of products can be basically secured.

   The third is the rolling out of home LEDMAN Micro LED Giant Screen Cinema and the all-round layout of three product tracks.

  During the reporting period, Ledman independently innovated and developed LEDMAN Micro LED Giant Screen Cinema, a milestone that the company's UHD display products has entered the consumer c-end, and a mark that the initial formation of the company's all-round ecological layout, which consists of three product tracks, namely professional display, commercial display and civil display, further consolidating the foundation for the company's business development.

  The fourth is the implementation of equity incentive to actively advance the development of the company.


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   Ledman also detailed its giant screen cinema products.

  It is reported that Ledman’s LEDHUB Smart Conference System, equipped with the Micro LED UHD display based on COB technology, and integrating the functions of super projector, video conferencing, electronic whiteboard, HD cinema, computer, mobile phone, is well positioned to lead the development trend of the new ecology of wisdom conference.

  Compared with LCD all-in-one conference machine, LEDHUB Smart Conference System supports super-large size to meet the display requirements of medium and large conference rooms; compared with projection, LEDHUB Smart Conference System is immune to ambient light and optical focal plane, thus securing high clarity and picture restoration ability. In addition, endowed with the technically-mature COB panel developed independently by the company, LEDHUB Smart Conference System supports meetings requiring multi-touch and other human-computer interaction with ultra-high reliability.

  At present, LEDHUB Smart Conference System, still in the promotion period, has a small absolute scale but considerable annual growth rate. Ledman has set up product showrooms in many places across the country to promote experiential marketing. While building a special division for the work of promotion, it is vigorously exploring "city partner" and other channel marketing models.

  In addition, Ledman believes that COB technology and SMD technology have their own application scenarios. COB products, currently dominated by indoor small and micro space display applications, are widely used in security, monitoring, education, command, scheduling, business, conference, household, and other fields.

  Ledman, in its effort to expand the display business, focuses its COB products in domestic market and gradually expand to the international market, while centering its SMD products on the global market. In the future, the company will continue to push the ecological layout and development of Micro LED display products based on COB technology in dedicated, commercial, household and other tracks, cover the whole industrial ecologic chain, and increase its domestic share. Additionally, the company will continue to consolidate overseas business, boost the coverage of international and regional markets, and secure the growth of domestic and overseas business income.

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