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Future trend of UHD visual display among energy enterprises

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  On Dec. 14, the 11th Energy Enterprise Informatization Conference themed "digital-driven development, innovation-led energy transformation" was held in Beijing. Representatives from government departments, industry organizations, oil, power, coal, new energy and other energy companies and information technology companies attended the conference.

  Mr. Martin Lee, founder, chairman and president of Ledman, was invited to attend the conference. and delivered a keynote speech titled “Future trend of ultra-high-definition visual display among energy enterprises”, focusing on the digital transformation, innovation and practice of energy enterprises with experts from all walks of life, sharing his ideas on how ultra-high definition display integrated applications and solutions in the era of “5G+8K” make energy enterprises more digital, networked and intelligent to promote business upgrade and leapfrog development.  


Chairman Martin Lee delivers a speech

Upgraded and accelerated digital transformation of enterprises in the energy industry

  The 14th Five-Year Plan and the outline of the Long-term Goals for 2035 made it clear that the realization of "carbon dioxide emission peak and carbon neutrality" is a necessary condition for China's economic transformation and upgrading. Achieving "dual carbon" targets in a sound and orderly manner calls for quick steps for breakthroughs in key core technologies and equipment in the energy sector, so as to provide solid support for modernization.

  The innovation and transformation of the energy industry is advancing in an orderly manner  and entering a phase of accelerated development. Currently, as advanced technologies represented by ultra-high definition, 5G, big data and cloud computing are widely applied, energy enterprises are launching an innovation model, in which large screen ultra-high-definition visualization contributes to decision-making and development, so as to realize internal synergy and cross-border integration of new ecology.

Integrated solutions for ultra-high-definition visualization in energy industry

  As the world's leading LED ultra-HD display expert, 8K ultra-HD LED giant screen display leader, and China's first LED display high-tech listed company, Ledman boasts 17 years of packaging experience, 16 years of display manufacturing experience, and 7 years of Micro LED research and development experience. Based on the reality of the energy industry, Ledman gives full play to the advantages of UHD technology, whole industrial chain and whole series of products, and provides customized integrated application solutions for customers in the energy industry.


Intelligent Dispatch Command Center of Shanxi Tashan Colliery


Intelligent Control Hall of Sichuan Electric Power Corporation of State Grid

  Acting as corporate command center, monitoring and warning center, and information release center, the intelligent operation center of an energy enterprise undertakes important tasks such as daily operation management and emergency management. Ledman, by catering to the needs of energy enterprises for digitization, has rolled out the integrated solution to the COB-based, super-size Micro LED UHD display that can be spliced and of 8K and above resolution, a solution capable of one-stop satisfaction of practical needs of energy enterprises for real-time information presentation, data source analysis, continuous long-time viewing, and various ways of broadcast control, and has built a number of digital transformation benchmarks in coal, electricity and other industries.

  At present, Ledman has facilitated many key energy enterprise customers, including Shanxi Tashan Wisdom Colliery, Shaanxi Coal Group Shenmu Zhangjiamao Mining Co., Ltd., Gansu Huating Yanbei Colliery, and State Grid Sichuan Electric Power Corporation, to realize the smart transformation of "UHD +".

  In the future, Ledman will apply the industrious demand proposed by participating energy enterprises and development and innovation experience shared by participating experts to the optimization of its products and solutions, and make greater efforts in promoting UHD-driven intelligent energy transformation, so as to deliver Micro LED UHD integrated application solutions that are more in line with the needs of the industry, and fuel the sustainable and rapid development of the energy industry with “5G+8K”.

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