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The Ledman COB acts as a guardian of the Snow Project

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Recently, Ledman COB display station was installed in the Qingxu County Public Security Bureau Command Center of Shanxi Province, becoming a glorious member of Qingxu County Public Security Video Surveillance Construction Network Application (Snow Project).

Qingxu "Snow Project" is a "mass public security prevention and control project." based on the comprehensive management center of county, township and village as the command platform, supported by comprehensive information, based on grid management, and focused on public safety video surveillance and networking applications.

Through the construction of the three-level comprehensive treatment center, it will extend the public security measures to the masses, launch social forces and the masses to jointly monitor video surveillance, and participate in public security prevention. Therefore, the public security prevention and control is truly "full coverage and no dead." For "the eyes of the masses are sharp," so called "Snow Project."

As one of the important projects of the “Snow Project”, Ledman COB display was installed at the Qingxu County Public Security Bureau Command Center has excellent performance. It has super reliability, ultra-low dead rate; integrated packaging technology, high efficiency protection, wear resistance, pressure resistance, collision avoidance, waterproof, anti-static and 160 degree wide viewing angle can cover larger areas of the picture. The original optical lens can effectively alleviate the graininess and filter the blue light, and protect the eyes for long-term viewing, Its nano-level response speed ensures coherent clarity and no stagnation of dynamic images.

Ledman COB meets and realizes the technical requirements of “Snow Project” frontface capture and recognition, socialimage network access, and intelligent combat application platform construction and protecting the people of Qingxu.

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