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The Ledman COB is waiting for you at 2018 Integrate Expo

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   On 22-24 August 2018, the 2018 Integrate Expo was held at the International Convention Center Sydney. The Ledman COB HD LED display went to Australia to participate in the exhibition.

   The 2018 Integrate Expo is Australia's leading professional audiovisual and information communication exhibition jointly hosted by InfoComm International and The Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association. And it is the industry's leading trading platform and provides a valuable communication platform for audiovisual vendors and professional users.

   On the first day of exhibition, the Ledman COB display attracted many audiovisual professional customers to stop and watch. The aquarium dynamic video played on the Ledman COB display presents excellent viewing results: beautiful colors, clear water & realistic picture quality. Customers have said that the Ledman COB products are as effective as they are.

   Customers who have purchased SMD's fine pitch LED display have shown that it has a bright future after watching and understanding COB products at close range. It is worth mentioning that the Ledman COB products have attracted media attention due to the popularity and outstanding display effect of the exhibition, and interviewed Ledman`s sales staff.

   The Ledman sales team explained the secrets of Ledman's COB display to customers and the media: Ledman`s COB LED display technology combines the integration of intelligent LED display packaging technology and control technology to make COB products higher protection (anti-shock, anti-collision, moisture-proof, dust-proof, front-waterproof), higher reliability (lowest out-of-the-box dead rate, long, trouble-free time), higher contrast ratio and better picture quality. It is now widely used in display fields such as monitoring centers, command centers, conference displays and commercial displays. Solving the key points of customers using LED displays has also won the favor and confidence of customers.

   In the next two days, the Ledman COB display will continue to be waiting for you at the booth F4 of ICC Sydney.

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