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The Ledman COB invites you to dance in Prague

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   Prague is a European city that has experienced World War II but has not been blown up. It retains various historical periods, various styles of architecture and monuments, giving the overall impression that the top of the building is particularly rich and the colors are extremely beautiful. Known as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, it is also designated as the world's first world cultural heritage city.


   As you stroll through the streets of Prague, it's like traveling in the long history of medieval to modern history. In this city full of classical style and cultural heritage, technology has not been absent. At a glance in the city, Ledman's COB HD LED display has quietly integrated. The Ledman COB has already made customers feel the ultra-high protection performance of a product - anti-collision, moisture-proof, dust-proof, front waterproof. The project uses the M1.5 series of COB products that Ledman first developed. The resolution reaches 1080P full HD display, and the picture quality is particularly outstanding. The 160° wide viewing angle has no dead angle at any angle. The two people used the two hours to demonstrate the simple and quick features of the installation.


   Prague is also one of the cultural centers of Europe. It still maintains a strong cultural atmosphere and has numerous opera houses, concert halls, museums, art galleries, libraries, cinemas and other cultural institutions, as well as an endless stream of annual cultural events.

   The Ledman COB products, which is installed in the customer's corporate showroom, will add glory to the city and serve a variety of purposes.

   The Ledman COB is looking forward to dancing with you in Prague!

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