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The speed and passion of Ledman`s COB is in Stuttgart

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  Stuttgart is the capital of Germany's Baden Wuerttemberg. She is not a bustling metropolis, but a peaceful mountain town and famous for its high-tech enterprises. Daimler (known as the Mercedes-Benz manufacturer), Porsche, Robert Bosch GmbH, and other world-renowned companies have chosen this place as their headquarters. And the names of Mercedes-Benz and Porsche are enough to make people excited.


  Looking forward to the top luxury car, Ledman's COB HD display has also successfully entered Stuttgart. The Ledman COB products installed in the conference hall bring a visual feast to German high-end corporate customers with brilliant colors and realistic images.


  The new generation of Ledman`s COB products have superior reliability, ultra-low dead point rate; integrated packaging technology, high efficiency protection, anti-shock, anti-collision, moisture-proof, dust-proof, front-waterproof. 1080P full HD resolution, original optical lens, 160-degree ultra-wide viewing angle, giving a full viewing angle viewing experience for customers, the nano-level response speed ensures clear, coherent and no-stacking of dynamic images. Quick installation and easy maintenance ensure efficient and convenient use. The superior performance of Lehman COB perfectly matches the stable quality, ultra-high performance and uncommon driving experience of the German automotive industry beyond the world.


  Stuttgart has the infinite charm of speed and passion, and also has the glory of Ledman's new generation of fine pitch COB HD display.

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