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Ledman`s COB stunning debut in ISR2018

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   On October 26, 2018, the Integrated Systems Russia 2018 (ISR 2018) came to an end. As the largest professional audio-visual and system integration equipment exhibition in Russia, this exhibition gathers top equipment manufacturers and the latest products and technologies, attracting many professional customers from Russia and neighboring countries to come to the exhibition. Ledman debut COB HD Led display with a fine pitch strength amazing scene in this exhibition.


   On the first day of development, Ledman`s COB has attracted many professional customers, and with its clear and delicate image quality, easy installation and maintenance, praised by customers. During the three-day exhibition, it attracted a large number of customers who came to the detailed consultation. After they watched the scene and communicated with the staff, they said that it is very likely to consider Ledman`s COB in the subsequent fine pitch projects. 


   The E2 indoor fixed products exhibited at the exhibition site also attracted much attention, and the E2 was widely praised by overseas customers. Many customers have shown a high degree of interest due to the ease of installation of the E2, front and rear maintenance and the free combination of different types of cabinet modules, and hope to get a more detailed project plan. Also, there are customers required to buy E2 Led display directly.

   Even more gratifying is that there are two specially return to professional customers in the booth after walk around the entire exhibition area and he told staff: Ledman`s COB and E2 Led display in its class among the exhibits, showing the effect is particularly prominent.

   ISR 2018 has ended and Ledman`s COB will continue to move forward!


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