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Ledman presents a keynote speech in the Micro-LED Display Summit Forum

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   On November 12th, the China Optical Optoelectronics Industry Association Liquid Crystal Branch, China Semiconductor Lighting/LED Industry and Application Alliance, China Electronic Materials Industry Association, Nanjing Flat Panel Display Industry Association, Taiwan Display Device Industry Association and the Guangdong Micro-LED Micro Display Industry Technology Innovation Alliance. The 2nd China (International) Micro-LED Display Summit Forum jointly hosted by Southern University of Science and Technology, Shanghai Yulian Culture Communication Company and Shenzhen Small and Medium Enterprises Innovation Development Research Institute was held in Shenzhen, China.


   Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and academician Zheng Youliao of Nanjing University. Dr. Huang Xiao, the electronic information department of the Ministry of information technology. Zou Jian, chief of electronic information technology department, Shenzhen science and Technology Innovation Committee. Liang Xinqing, executive vice president and Secretary General of LCD Association, China Optoelectronics Industry Association. Guan Baiyu, china semiconductor lighting/LED industry and application alliance Secretary General. Yuan Tong, executive vice president of China Electronic Materials Industry Association. Xue Wenjin, vice president of Nanjing flat panel display industry association. Zhang Shangwen, Secretary General of Taiwan Federation of display industries. Xu Xiaotian, former Secretary General of China Semiconductor Industry Association. Hong Zhen, china Optical and Optoelectronics Industry Association & Secretary General of LED display applications branch. Gui Shirong, President of Shenzhen LED Industry Federation. Sun Zhengmin, consultant of Shenzhen flat panel display industry association. Professor Guan Xudong of Peking University & Professor Zhang Baizhe of Tsinghua University and more than 400 industry experts, professors and enterprise representatives from home and abroad attended the conference.

   This conference gathered Micro-LED original technology leaders, college experts, display, LED, semiconductor core enterprises and industry chain enterprise representatives, focusing on Micro-LED display technology challenges and market opportunities, etc., in-depth discussion, It aims to promote the coordinated development of China's Micro-LED production, education and research, and thus form an advantage in the international new display industry competition.


   At the meeting, Chairman of Ledman Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. Li Mantie gave a keynote speech on “The application of COB Technology in Fine Pixel Pitch Microdisplays”. He said that LED fine-pitch display development driving force is a typical technology and market two-wheel drive, LED micro-display is also COB technology. Mini LED and Micro LED are integrated by LED chip and substrate. COB integrated packaging technology is the latest technology in LED fine-pitch HD display. It can be applied to Mini LED and Micro LED display, and can become an important part of Micro LED technology.


  He pointed out that the current technologies for Micro LED display to be broken include: RGB flip chip miniaturization technology, LED microchip wavelength, brightness consistency technology, substrate technology, massive transfer technology, chip and substrate bonding technology and LED microchip huge testing technology. Ledman`s COB display technology mainly focuses on COB technology integration innovation in the whole industry chain, including chip: wavelength file, brightness file and COB matching, PCB substrate, it meets high reliability packaging requirements, driving IC meets high integrated COB display requirements. The calibration meets the requirements of light color consistency, and the device adopts lens molding equipment to greatly promote the technological progress of the whole industry by solving new problems arising from COB.


   Chairman Li Mantie introduced that since the official release of COB products in March 2018, it has developed rapidly and has been in the process of continuous technological innovation. It can be said that the COB fine-pitch display technology is the best technical and commercial solution for the current P2mm to P0.5mm LED fine pitch. It will gradually expand its market share and become the mainstream technology of fine-pitch HD display, which will promote the rapid development of HD LED display.


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