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Co-work & win-win/Witness Ledman COB Brand Partner Conference

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   On November 29-30, the 2018 Ledman COB Brand Partner Conference was held in Huizhou, Guangdong. The conference aims to strengthen Ledman's communication with major brand partners across the country, enhance the depth of cooperation, and explore new opportunities for cooperation. Mr. Li Mantie, Chairman and President of Ledman Optoelectronics, Ms. Jin Ping, Deputy General Manager of the Domestic Marketing Center of COB Display, Mr. Zhou Jie, Deputy General Manager of COB Business, and Tu Menglong, Director of Technology Research Center, and representatives from more than 100 brand partners from all over the country attended the conference.

Visit and experiment & Increase confidence


   On the afternoon of November 29th, the representatives of the brand partners went to the Ledman Industrial Park in Huizhou to visit the Ledman Industrial Park. As a Ledman manufacturing base, Huizhou Ledman Industrial Park covers an area of 50,000 square meters and is the key cultivation project of Huizhou Modern Industry 100 identified by Huizhou People's Government. Modern parks, ultra-clean anti-static production workshops, scientific and standardized on-site management, well-ordered manufacturing processes and high-end advanced production equipment allow partners to have more confidence in Ledman. 

   The next experimental interaction is to let everyone have a deep understanding of the quality of Ledman COB products.


   In the face of the Ledman COB fine-pitch LED display in the light, everyone took the daily-used football and went to the COB display. Many people say that these tens of thousands of dollars and one square meter of things are ruined, and our product manager is full of confidence: Don`t mention it! It’s enough to explain the “anti-collision” capability of COB products! After many impacts, the display was unharmed, and there was no blackout at any dead point. Everyone said: There is sufficient bottom gas to tell customers about the "anti-collision" performance of the Ledman COB products we sell.

   In the waterproof test project, everyone took the paper cup or mineral water filled with water, splashed the water on the illuminated COB display, and then wiped it with a wet rag. The COB display does not show any dead pixels and missing screens. The partners have praised the waterproof performance of Ledman COB products.

Co-work & win-win


   On the morning of November 30th, the Brand Partner Conference was held at the Huizhou Crown Hotel. The conference featured “Ledman COB Product Promotional Film”. The video content of just 3 minutes was deeply rooted in the factory visit and “anti-collision” and “waterproof” experiments in the afternoon.


   Mr. Li Mantie, Chairman and President of Ledman Co., Ltd. delivered an opening speech. He first welcomed the cooperation of various regions of the country to participate in this conference, and then introduced the Ledman development process and Ledman's technology accumulation in LED packaging and LED display, as well as research and investment in COB technology. He said that Ledman as a high-tech LED company, the focus of sales in the past has been biased towards overseas markets. Today, it is really late to meet with friends from domestic partners. Then he introduced to everyone that under the push of the fine-pitch market, SMD is loading chips at point spacing P1.0 has been very strong, COB fine-pitch LED display technology is the market choice. The threshold of COB technology is very high. Ledman is one of the few manufacturers in the LED industry that has both packaging and display technology. Ledman has obvious advantages and hopes to cooperate with friends from all over the country.


   Subsequently, Ms. Jin Ping, Deputy General Manager of COB Display Division introduced the basic situation of the company from the introduction of Ledman LOGO Interpretation, and reported the representative cases of Ledman COB products and the domestic sales layout. Jin Ping always expressed the hope that in the future, Ledman Optoelectronics and its partners will lead the new era of fine-pitch COB.


   Mr. Tu Menglong, Director of Ledman Technology Research Center, made a report on “Application of COB Technology in Small-Split Micro-display”. He introduced the Ledman COB display technology highlights to the guests, using a completely different technical route from the SMD discrete device display products. By integrally encapsulating the LED light-emitting chip or the like on the special substrate, a smaller dot pitch which cannot be realized by the SMD separation device display product is realized. COB integrated packaging technology belongs to the latest technology in LED fine-pitch HD display field, and Ledman COB LED fine-pitch display technology surrounds the integration innovation of COB industry chain. The new COB small pitch has not only reached the mainstream level of traditional SMD fine-pitch display. And the performance in terms of reliability and protection is even better.


   The report of “Indoor Splicing Market Trend & Ledman COB Product Marketing Plan” brought by Mr. Gao Liwei, Marketing Director of COB Display Business Unit, is introduced by the Senior Director from the current mainstream indoor splicing product types, market size and industry structure. The forecast of the indoor splicing market in the next five years, followed by a large amount of data to show the vast market of fine-pitch LED displays. At the same time, it introduces the advantages and characteristics of Ledman COB products and the marketing plan of 2019 against the bottlenecks and limitations of SMD small spacing.


   In the interactive question and answer session, Mr. Li Mantie, Chairman of Ledman Optoelectronics, gave detailed answers to the questions raised by the guests on the market plan, product price, brand difference management, technology iteration, innovative product launch and new product capacity.


   The Ledman COB 2018 Brand Partner Conference ended successfully in the photo, and Ledman COB products, technology and brand strength were recognized by the partners. In the future, Ledman expects to expand cooperation areas with more excellent partners, deepen the level of cooperation, seek cooperation and cooperation, and work together for a win-win future!

Finale debut--Ledman`s COB Display


   In November 2017, it released a new generation of COB fine-pitch LED display panels.

In March 2018, the new generation of COB fine-pitch display panels was officially released, which shocked the LED industry.

So far, Ledman COB has developed rapidly and continuously innovated, achieving mass production and application of M1.9, M1.5, M1.2 and M0.9, and has many successful cases at home and abroad.

Smaller spacing that cannot be achieved with SMD small pitch products: 

   The dot spacing of traditional SMD products is now close to the physical limit. Unlike SMD packages, COB (chip-on-board) is a chip-on-board package technology. In the field of LED display, the COB package is to fix the LED bare chip with conductive adhesive or insulating glue on the pad of the printed circuit board of the PCB, and then conduct conductive wire bonding of the LED chip, and finally use epoxy resin. The glue encapsulates and cures the lamp position. This multi-lamp integrated packaging technology, the biggest difference from the SMD packaging process is the elimination of the bracket, saving the surface-mount soldering process of the lamp bead over the reflow soldering machine, and also enabling smaller spacing.

The pain points in industries such as poor reliability and fragile protection are improved:

   Ledman COB fine-pitch LED display has higher protection performance (shockproof, anti-collision, dustproof, front waterproof) during the fine-pitch transportation process of SMD, such as impact damage and easy-to-dead lights. Higher reliability (very low out-of-box dead rate, long and trouble-free usage time). The performance of Ledman COB in practical applications and customer feedback, COB products are sold across the ocean, sold overseas, and the products are delivered to the client to ensure that they are intact.

   More Ledman COB fine-pitch LED display features are also popular reasons. For example, full HD resolution, 160 degree viewing angle, larger image coverage area can give customers a full viewing angle viewing experience; and the unique optical lens design can effectively alleviate the graininess, while filtering blue light, suitable for long time viewing.


  From the on-site SMD fine-pitch LED display VS Ledman COB fine-pitch LED display effect comparison, and the maintenance of the single-person single-box before the maintenance demonstration, showing the stability of Ledman COB products and simple and quick installation and maintenance features .

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