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LEDMAN COB | Integrating into the ancient culture of New Mexico

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   New Mexico, one of the four states in the southwestern United States, is known as the “land of fascination” for its unique ancient culture and location. Recently, LEDMAN's COB HD LED display has successfully entered a high-end casino in New Mexico. The use of high-tech display products brings a different technological experience to the people of New Mexico, who are famous for their ancient culture.


   The project is customized according to customer needs. It consists of two LEDMAN`s COB LED displays. Each display adopts LEDMAN COB M1.5, with an area of 20 square meters and 4K high-definition picture quality. The two screens are installed in a back-to-back format, one facing the casino lobby for advertising and live performances, and the other facing the VIP room to provide VIP customers with independent premium quality playback services.


   LEDMAN's COB HD LED display has been officially released to overseas customers since the ISE exhibition in February 2018, and has been successfully applied to a variety of overseas commercial locations. Its high protection performance (shockproof, anti-collision, dustproof, front waterproof) and high reliability (very low out-of-box dead rate, long and trouble-free use time) have been verified in every wave crossing and long journey. It has won the favor and trust of many overseas customers. 


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