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ISE2019/ Ledman will easily match your various needs for LED display

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Ledman in the ISE2019 will tell you

How our LED Display match your various demands?

During 5 -8th February 2019

Let’s find the answer in Amsterdam RAI, Booth 8-K190.


  On 5 –8th February 2019, the annual European Professional Audiovisual Equipment Exhiition(Here in after referred to as the ISE) will be held at the Amsterdam RAI, Netherlands. Ledman will participate in the ISE with a variety of LED displays.


Ledman’s Exhibition Information:

Exhibition Date: 5th-8th Feb. 2019.

Exhibition Venue: Amsterdam RAI, Netherlands.

Booth No.: 8-K190


The ISE showed in Amsterdam is by far the most successful audiovisual and system integration exhibition in Europe and the professional audiovisual exhibition with the largest audience in the world. Co-hosted by the American International Information Exchange Industry Association and the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association, the show represents the highest authority for audiovisual technology in the commercial filed and is the most influential organization in the industry.

Since participating in the ISE in 2013, Ledman has participated in 5 consecutive sessions. In the ISE2019, Ledman will take part in as scheduled with sharing how our LED display match your various needs.

Ledman COB series, Start out again in 2019.    


  Ledman COB display has achieved the mass production and application of M1.9, M1.5, M1.2 M0.9 and has got many successful cases domestic and overseas since its first launch in the ISE2018 in the world. After improvement and technology innovation for COB in this one year, we will start out again in 2019, the first station will still be the ISE, Netherlands. Ledman small pixel pitch COB LED display has higher protection (Shockproof, Anti-collision, Anti-dust, Front waterproof), better picture quality, more flexible connection way, wider environmental adaptability. It is used to various of indoor venues with its nanosecond response speed, 160 degree wide viewing angle, unique filter design, and soft viewing effect. 

Ledman D2, 16:9 rental/fixed product


  D2 is created with the same cabinet frame of COB series. D2 is constantly praised for its outstanding display performance in SMD LED display. It will realize the splicing for the 2K, 4K, 8K screen of different sizes point-to-point. One person can handle its assemble and disassembly with its magnetic and auto-locking system. 

Ledman E2/N6, Indoor/outdoor fixed product


  E2, the indoor fixed product, it is used the die-cast aluminum structure for its connection part to sure its great splicing effect. The true front and rear maintenance provide the easy operation for its installation and maintenance of fixed product. It can be spliced any size multiples of 250x250mm, easy to achieve right-angle screen.  


  N6, the outdoor fixed product, the Double Waterproof design sure it can be nuked installation in outdoor and no worry for the heavy rain. The parallel module and fanless design etc features improve N6 product’s stability.

Ledman Dpro series satisfy your multiple choices


  Dpro series is a family platform product which can match various indoor and outdoor pixel pitch modules. Module and cabinet can be front and rear maintenance, one person can handle assemble and disassembly easily. It not only can be concave and convex design, but also can be a cool dance floor to bear many passers walking on it. One item matches your multiple demands. 

  In the Ledman booth, no matter COB LED display or SMD LED display; no matter rental product or fixed product; no matter indoor or outdoor; we all have what you want.

  Let’s meet in the ISE2019 to learn how we easily match your various needs for LED display. 

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