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Innovation of encapsulation adhesive material in COB technology

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  The project of "COB display packaging adhesive research" achieved a breakthrough lately which sponsored by LEDMAN, Chinese Academy of Sciences-Process Engineering Institute and Shenzhen university. This project aimed for creating a high performance encapsulation adhesive for  LEDMAN’s next generation COB displays, including Mini LED &Micro LED. This new adhesive will meet the industrial needs from various aspects, such as mechanical properties, optical properties, technology feasibility, stability and cost performance etc.,

  The adhesive material use for coating and encapsulation is a core technology of COB display. The breakthrough has guaranteed a great technical foundation for the launch of LEDMAN updated version COB display products on schedule.

  LEDMAN has been committed to technological innovation continuously in the field of fine pitch LED displays. In 2017, LEDMAN initially launched COB HD series products, in 2018, LEDMAN realized the mass production of M1.9, M1.5, M1.2, M0.9 COB products.

At present, LEDMAN obtained over 20 core patents related to COB display and gained a large number of proprietary technologies.

In 2019, LEDMAN will increase the investment in COB R&D continuously, and play a pioneering role in the era of Mini LED display and Micro LED display.

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