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LED CHINA--Shenzhen Exhibition

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  On February 23, 2019, the three-day Shenzhen International LED Exhibition ended. At this exhibition, Ledman Optoelectronics has provided latest LED products for professional customers from all over the world, which are COB high-definition display panels, high-end indoor LED rental displays, LED packaging devices and creative shaped led screens.

Ledman COB

new intelligent cost-effective end user solution for fine pitched led display larger than 100 inch


  The small-pitch COB HD display attracted the attention of the show, attracting endless customers. Since the official release of Ledman COB in March 2018, after a year of success at domestic and oversea market, there have been many successful cases. Its high protection (shock, collision, dust, front waterproof), high reliability (very low The out-of-control rate and long-term trouble-free  are recognized by customers. In the past year, Ledman has carried out technological innovations in the whole industry chain, technology integration, COB high display quality, COB high yielding rate, and COB high reliability, which makes COB products present in front of customers with better quality. The on-site COB M1.5 and M1.2 are respectively displayed for applications with more than 100 inches of large screens and screens of less than 100 inches. M1.2 with the latest calibration technology and graphic design excels in the consistency. It can be said that the COB display technology is the best technical and commercial solution for the current P2mm to P0.5mm LED small pitch. One Customer said that ledman cob product’s anti-collision performance is super strong, the display effect of the whole screen is amazing!

Ledman indoor rental screen

16:9Cabinet design P2.5 display with strong led protection


  The indoor rental D2 product is made of the same size of Ledman COB. The excellent display effect makes it the leader of SMD display products; the 16:9 single box size, point-to-point 2K, 4K, 8K different size screens; special mask protection is stronger than other SMD products; magnetic and automatic locking structure can be disassembled by one person. Customer feedback: D2 products are bright and with amazing display effects, installation and disassembling are quick and convenient, this trip to China is very worthwhile!

Ledman APEXL creative shaped screen

Creative LED display full of art and beauty


  Four new creative displays, including spherical screens, soft screen, glass screens and diamond shaped screens, were exhibited. Spherical screen can be customized according to customer needs, with multiple display splitting, telescopic display, uniform HD picture without image distortion, and with high advertising value; soft screen with good flexibility, high construction efficiency, can be spliced according to needs to curved surface, etc.; Glass screen has high transparency, light structure and good heat dissipation performance. The black part of the screen does not emit light, and there is no light pollution phenomenon. It is more than 30% energy saving than conventional screen. With dozens of cutting surfaces showing different creative images,diamond shaped led display is an art-level technology display. Customer Feedback: exquisite design, beautiful!

Ledman package

Asymmetric energy-saving 346 LED lamp environmentally friendly and low energy consumption 


  The asymmetric energy-saving 346 LED lamp is Ledman package patent product, and the patent won the China Patent Excellence Award. Its innovative asymmetric energy-saving design has a down-tilt angle of 40 degrees, a larger viewing angle, high brightness, and energy saving of 30%, which greatly reduces the energy consumption of LED on the display screen to reduce light pollution. Customer feedback: It is very suitable for high outdoor fixed display! 


  Have not seen enough ledman products, please visit Ledman booth in Hall 11.2, B01 at Guangzhou International Advertising Logo and LED Exhibition (Guangzhou ISLE Exhibition) on March 3-6!

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