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ISLE 2019,Guangzhou | COB P0.9 MicroLED HD displaypanels officially released

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  At the ISLE 2019, Ledman  officially released a new COB micro-pitch product with P0.9. After nearly one year of research and development and small batch trial production. Ledman COB P0.9 have been mass-produced and unveiled on ISLE 2019. In the Ledman COB Series displayed at the show, the other two P1.5 and P1.2 COB products do not need to prompt the viewer to “do not touch”, directly facing the viewer, and don't worry about the viewer's various touches, scrape, hit, knock,fully demonstrating the high reliability of Ledman COB HD small-pitch display panels.


Ledman officially released P0.9 COB micro-pitch display products

  Based on the previous COB products, Ledman COB P0.9 COB have been optimized for many customers. In response to the power consumption problem raised by customers, P0.9 have introduced a common cathode design, which directly reduces power consumption by 30% compared with the products of common anode. In order to enhance the customer's viewing effect, Ledman optimized the lens design and surface treatment technology of P0.9 COB products, and adopted the flat lens design to improve the color consistency of white balance. At the same time, It was carried out of a special surface design, greatly improved color consistency in the black screen.


The viewer hit the display with a football

  Of course, in addition to technological innovation, P0.9 also maintain the commonality of the Ledman COB , such as high reliability, Various violent impacts of the viewer, Ledman COB are still standing, there is no dead light. The excellent anti-collision capability of COB is not afraid of the various fancy hits of football  on the spot, which fully reflects the high reliability of Ledman COB. Ledman COB can also achieve smaller point spacing. COB is the best small-pitch display solution for P0.5-P2.0 at present, especially the point spacing below P1.0. COB is almost the best technical solution. After COB HD display panel is mass-produced, becase of COB is a combination of packaging and display industry chain, which improves efficiency and reduces cost. COB can achieve lower cost and bring higher value to customers.


Ledman COB HD small pitch display panels receive much attention 


Ledman COB technology and micro-pitch product promotion site

  Ledman  will focus on the COB display field and provide customers with cost-effective COB HD small-pitch display panels through continuous technological innovation.


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