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Martin Lee: Development status and future strategy of Ledman

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  In 2018, Ledman focused on the LED Display, and increase the technology development and investment in COB small-pitch HD display panels. In 2019, ledman also will continue to develop its main business. The Ledman COB display panels, with its outstanding display performance advantages, can meet the needs of customers for product innovation and differentiation, and the market response is good.

  At present, the COB small pitch display panel has a low market share in the LED small pitch market. As the market's recognition of COB display technology continues to increase, the COB small pitch has a huge market space. Ledman is expected to grow rapidly rely on COB display business. Then form differentiated competitive advantages, huge potential for future performance development and growth potential.

Leading COB technology, broad market prospects

  The current COB technology and products are leading in the field of small LED spacing, and the competition is relatively small, which is the “Blue Ocean” of the industry; In terms of large-scale commercial display, COB can bring greater value to commercial display, Far beyond the ordinary traditional LED to bring the display effect. At present COB is the best technology and commercial solution for P2mm to P0.5mm LED small pitch. In the future,Ledman will continue to focus on COB small-pitch LED display panels, focusing on more than 100-inch cost-effective new intelligent display terminal solutions, continue to increase investment in COB field, expand existing production capacity, and increase COB HD LED display development, production and marketing.

  Martin Lee believes that COB integrated packaging technology belongs to the latest technology in the field of LED small-pitch HD display, and is the best technical and commercial solution for P2mm to P0.5mm LED small pitch. Mini/Micro LED refers to the high-density integration of tiny-sized LED arrays on a single chip. It is a next-generation micro-pitch display technology based on COB package, which is a further upgrade of small-pitch LEDs. Ledman COB packaging technology can make the size small and solve the problem of high current crowding and high thermal resistance, achieve high current density and uniformity, and can be directly applied to LED micro display.

  At present, Ledman has own intellectual property rights and plays an important role in the ultra-high-definition display industry of more than 100 inches COB technology, gradually becoming the mainstream of the display product market of more than 100 inches. COB technology's LED small and micro-pitch display will become 4K ,8K ultra-high definition display terminals in conference display, command and control scheduling display, home entertainment display, and broadcast TV display due to its high reliability and protection, modular seamless splicing, fast pixel resolution, close to the market at scale and price, and the large size that LCD can't reach.

  Ledman's third-generation COB small-pitch products have better optical performance through chip-level packaging. The picture quality is more comfortable and soft, and there is no significant pixel graininess. It is more suitable for "closer distance" and application under conditions such as “Indoor environmental light” and “Watch longer”. COB high-definition display panel is widely used in large-screen high-definition display fields such as monitoring center, command center, conference display, commercial display, etc. It is the next growth point of LED small-pitch HD display field.

How to make technological innovation

  According to Martin Lee, Ledman COB HD LED display technology puts forward higher reliability packaging and long-term application requirements for LED chips, PCB and IC through the integration of technology innovation in the whole industry chain around COB, and through correction technology and The innovation of packaging technology satisfies the light color consistency requirements of the splicing screen and the lens molding process makes the batch "zero" difference, solves the new problems of COB, and greatly promotes the technological progress of the whole industry. At the same time, the packaging technology innovation of COB high yield requires that each link of substrate, die bond, wire bonding and sealing is almost close to zero defect. The quality of the PCB is one of the key factors affecting the high-density COB package,The PCB entering the COB packaging process must be close to zero defect.

  Innovative technology for COB high reliability, in-depth research on COB failure mechanism, packaging materials, packaging process, reliability evaluation standards, electronic design, structural design, display manufacturing, supply chain materials, etc. COB is required to use the failure rate which is one order of magnitude lower than the traditional SMD small pitch LED, that is, less than 10PPM.

  At present, Ledman has mass produced high-definition LED small-pitch display products of P1.2, P1.5 and P1.9 based on the latest COB core technology in the industry. At the 2019 ISLE Guangzhou, the ledman's latest COB micro-pitch products P0.9mm have been successfully mass-produced after nearly one year of research and development and small-scale trial production.Follow-up we will focus on the COB display field and provide customers with cost-effective COB HD small-pitch display products through continuous technological innovation.

 Among them, P0.9 COB products are based on the previous COB products, and have carried out a number of technical optimizations for the needs of customers. In response to the power consumption problem raised by customers, P0.9 COB products have introduced a common cathode design, which directly reduces power consumption by 30% compared with the products of common anode. In order to enhance the customer's viewing effect, Ledman optimized the lens design and surface treatment technology of P0.9mm COB products, and adopted the flat lens design to improve the color consistency of white balance. At the same time, a special surface design was carried out, which greatly improved the color consistency under the black screen state. In addition to technological innovation, P0.9mm products also maintain the commonality and high reliability of the Ledman COB panels.

  In the price of Ledman COB is currently 10%-20% higher than that of SMD display in the market, and the comprehensive product performance is much higher than SMD, the maintenance cost is also low. As the production scale and yield increase, the price of COB will fall, and the future is expected to be lower than the SMD price.

COB technology will become mainstream

  COB small-pitch LED display technology is a new generation of LED HD display technology, which combines the innovative technology of LED package and LED display, and has obvious technical advantages. Regarding the future trend of the small-pitch LED display industry, Martin Lee believes that COB display technology will become the mainstream of LED small-pitch HD display within three years, and gradually penetrate into commercial display and civilian display, and the market space is considerable.

  Ledman's independent research and development of a new generation of COB small-pitch display technology, a good solution to the pain point of SMD discrete device LED small-pitch display technology, is an innovative technology that combines LED package and LED display, this multi-LED chip integrated packaging technology, The biggest difference from the SMD packaging process is the elimination of the support, and also saves the process of lamp reflow soldering during the display process. Since the raw materials and process equipment involved in the products are mostly customized and the technical barriers are high, for the manufacturers with complete SMD packaging technology, the transition from SMD to COB is no different than a big leap. COB small-pitch HD display products have the advantages of high density, high protection, high reliability, high adaptability, high image quality and low cost of use. Compared with SMD small pitch products, the failure rate is greatly reduced, which prolongs the service life and reduces the use cost. As the market's small dot spacing continues to drop, the future COB small-pitch display products will be greater potential.

Future development strategy

  In the future, Ledman will continue to rely on the positive layout of the main business with its good corporate brand, comprehensive industrial chain and leading technology R&D and innovation advantages.

  In terms of LED display, Ledman will deepen COB technology. The  new generation of COB small-pitch display has accumulated its advantages in technology and time through diligent research and development and technical process accumulation. In the future, Ledman will focus on cost-effective new intelligent display terminals of more than 100 inchs. The solution continues to increase market development at home and abroad.


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