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What results have been achieved by Ledman COB MicroLED display technology?

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  Since the release of the first COB MicroLED display product with a pitch of 1.5mm at the Guangzhou International LED Exhibition in March 2018, Ledman has set off a boom in COB display in the field of LED Micro-pitch display. Two months after the product was released, Ledman completed the first 4K COB large-screen customer delivery, successfully achieving mass production of COB MicroLED display, and became the first year of Ledman COB display in 2018.

  Up to now, lehman optoelectronics has successfully realized the mass production of P1.9, P1.5, P1.2, P0.9 and other small-spacing products, and its products have achieved batch application in more than 20 industries 、 regions in China and more than 10 countries overseas, it's leading the industry in terms of technical level.

  MicroLED display is a high-growth market. In order to solve the problem of small LED spacing, various LED display companies are exploring different technical solutions in the field of LED MicroLED display. As the first listed company in the field of LED display, Ledman has been the first to introduce COB high-definition MicroLED display products.

  At present, COB technology is a leading technology in the field of small LED spacing, with less competition and is the blue ocean of the industry; in large-scale commercial display, COB can bring greater value to commercial display. COB technology is currently the best technology for P2 to P0.5 LED fine pitch. The COB Fine-pitch display product has outstanding display performance, far exceeding the rendering effect of ordinary traditional LEDs.

  As the domestic leader of COB MicroLED display (Samsung, Sony and other peers called MicroLED), Ledman has long been engaged in research and development, production and sales of LED packaging devices and LED displays. As a cross-border product of LED package and LED display, COB MicroLED display reflects the deep technical accumulation of Ledman in the LED field.

  As of the first quarter of 2019, Ledman had nearly 280 valid patents in the LED packaging and display field, of which 230 have been licensed patents, and about 60 % of these patents are patents on packaging technology.

  Snice 2014,Ledman began research and development of COB display products and has invested and accumulated long-term packaging technology for more than a decade, laying a strong technical foundation for the research and development of COB MicroLED display. Ledman began to accumulate packaging patents 15 years ago. Ledman COB integrated packaging technology has overcome nearly 100 technologies in substrate, chip transfer, sealing, online maintenance, reliability, splicing, consistency and correction algorithms difficulties.
  In the process of developing COB MicroLED display products, Ledman obtained a large amount of intellectual property rights. As of the first quarter of 2019, COB Fine-pitch display technology obtained about 30 technical patents. At the same time, a considerable part of the technology, as it is inconvenient to form an open patent, as a core technical secret of the company, has become an important part of Ledman's COB MicroLED display intellectual property.

  Finally, for some core raw materials of COB MicroLED display, such as special packaging adhesives, Ledman has obtained intellectual property rights of important core raw materials through cooperation with a number of research institutes such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Shenzhen University. It can be said that Ledman COB technology has formed a strong patent atmosphere and has become a strong technical barrier of Ledman.

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