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Ledman held a 324 inches 8K MicroLED HD Display Conference

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Source: China Securities Journal

  On the afternoon of July 12, 2019, Shenzhen Ledman Optoelectronic Co., Ltd(Stock:300162). held a 324 inches 8K MicroLED HD Display Conference in Beijing China.

  The debut of the giant-screen MicroLED high-definition display in Beijing this time is seamlessly spliced by display modules using Ledman's proprietary patented COB High Density Pixel Points display technology. The modular splicing method not only maintains the consistent high level of picture quality, but also makes it possible for the screen to expand infinitely. In addition, the screen cabinet is thin, and has the advantages of high protection, high reliability, high contrast, low energy consumption, wide color gamut and so on.


   Introduction to the person in charge of Ledman, At present, 8K has the ability to land at the technical level, and the era of full application of 5G networks is coming soon. 5G provides high-speed access for 8K video real-time transmission, and 8K provides huge data transfer traffic for 5G ultra-high-speed bandwidth. The 8K MicroLED display released by Ledman can better meet the needs of ultra-high-definition intelligent display in the 5G era, which is undoubtedly the best display terminal in all kinds of work and life scenes.

  As a leading provider of LED high-tech products and solutions in China, Ledman has a complete product ecosystem, from all-in-one conferencing machines in business scenarios to large screens in commercial displays. To super TV in family life, Ledman Cinema, Ledman is committed to providing customized display solutions for customers across the world.

  Ledman said that as an enterprise specializing in LED display technology,Ledman has always focused on R&D investment and product technology innovation,to create higher quality and better professional HD displays for the future, and strive to improve product ecology and open up a diversified market. Strive to become a new business card for "Intelligent Manufacturing in China ".

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