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Ledman shows up at Beijing InfoComm with 8K MicroLED Display

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  Yesterday, InfoComm China 2019 was launched in Beijing National Convention Center for a period of three days. As a leading provider of LED high-tech products and solutions in China, Ledman has unveiled its 8K Micro LED products at the InfoComm Exhibition in Beijing.

  As a professional audiovisual and collective experience exhibition in the Asia Pacific region, InfoComm China attracts many first-tier manufacturers in the audio and video industry every year. With the theme of “Let the future be one step closer”, hundreds of products and new product solutions from outstanding manufacturers from all over the world made their debut at the exhibition.

  Ledman took part in the exhibition with two HD high density pixel points display and solutions in various fields.


(The main screen of this Ledman booth)

  The main screen is a large screen with a point spacing of P0.9, an area of 28.8 m2 (7.2 m * 4 m), 8K image quality, resolution of 7680 * 4320. This MicroLED HD display adopts Ledman's own COB High Density Pixel Points Display Technology, which is seamlessly spliced by MicroLED display modules. The resolution and size can be customized according to customer requirements, and the large size can be expanded infinitely. The screen body is thin, and has the advantages of high protection, high reliability, high contrast, low energy consumption, wide color gamut and the like. At the same time, in the era when 5G network is about to be fully applied, Ledman's 8K MicroLED display provides huge data traffic for 5G ultra-high-speed bandwidth, which is undoubtedly the first choice for the best display terminal adapted to 5G.


(Ledman Super TV Shows HD Action Blockbuster)

  Another P1.2 specification 2K image quality, 1920*1080 resolution Micro LED HD display has an area of 3.36sqm (2.4m * 1.4m). In addition to classic applications such as business and organization, it can also be used as a super TV and home theater. It is equipped with dynamic compensation technology. Whether it is intense and high-speed dynamic images or exciting sports competitions, this Ledman Super TV don't produce drag shadow, fuzzy situation, can bring shock to the customer to watch the movie experience.

  At 3:00 p.m., Ledman held the "Ledman Ultra-large Size Micro LED Promotion Meeting" at the exhibition. The promotion session consisted of three links. The first two sessions were based on the introduction of 8K MiccroLED new products based on COB advanced technology. The progress of LED High Density Pixel Points Display Technology was given a keynote speech and on-the-spot interaction. To show customers the excellent auxiliary role of Ledman 8K HD MicroLED screen in measuring, smart city and other situations.


(Live demonstration 8K screen application scenario solution)

  Today and tomorrow, the Ledman’s booth, wonderful to continue.Welcome to the National Convention Center CB6-01, to experience immersion and creative display feast.

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