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Ledman COB HD display calmly responds to sudden "washing"

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15:00 15th,Aug,2019


South China University of Technology International Campus

Central Control Center

Cause of event:

The fire system suddenly failure and the pipeline bursts. The Ledman COB HD display is “washing” by the water flow.

Event result:

17 hours to quickly eliminate the danger, the screen is normally lit

  On August 15th, at 3 pm, Ledman P1.2 COB HD display officially settled in the wisdom campus of South China University of Technology International Campus. which covers an area of 77 sqm and has a large HD screen. In the process of building, the roof pipe burst a lot of water spray "washing", the water column poured such as waterfall and a large area of sputter to the surface of the screen.

  After cleaning and inspection, at 8:00 on August 16th, the Ledman COB HD display was normally turned on.

  In just 17 hours, we can do it -

 1.Timely response to emergencies

  The Ledman installation engineer first found that the roof pipe was leaking. The first time, the on-site construction personnel blocked the water leakage, and informed the project leader, the supervisor and the school principal to wait for the emergency. Through coordination with multiple parties, first clean up the water on the ground.

2.Methodically investigate the dangerous situation and share the worries for the customers.

  Due to the large surface area of the screen, whether the display screen is damaged or not, the customer is deeply worried. Once the screen is damaged, it will not only cause huge economic losses to the customer, but also delay the overall project progress and cannot guarantee the delivery on schedule.


  The installation engineer immediately removed the module for inspection at the site. After investigation, the supervisor, the school and the construction unit were informed that there was no obvious water mark inside the cabinet after the “washing”, and the water stain on the surface of the screen was wiped clean with a rag.

  After the screen is normally lit, the customer is full of praise for the super waterproof performance of the COB HD display.

 3.Quick commissioning to ensure delivery requirements

  Through the overtime efforts of Ledman’s engineers, from sudden "washing" to emergency "rescue", it took only 17 hours.



The screen after "Washing" is running normally

  At 8:00 am the next day, the COB HD display was normally turned on after cleaning the water on the ground, and was not affected by the unexpected accident.


How is the Ledman COB HD display remain intact?

1.Ultra high reliability


  The COB HD display adopts advanced integrated packaging technology, which does not need to go through reflow soldering lamp, and solves the problem of gaps between the lamp holder and the epoxy resin caused by high-temperature welding in the welding machine. The pure gold bonding wire is used, and the product is not easy bad after leaving the factory. A bad lamp phenomenon occurred. 

2.Super protective property


  The COB HD display uses panel packaging technology y to solve the problem of bare foot of the lamp. With anti-shock, anti-collision, waterproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti-static and other functions, in the face of unexpected situations, it can also run stably.

3.Adapt to harsh environments


  Its ultra-high protection function, so that the COB HD display screen can quickly adapt to a variety of harsh environment and comes with temperature data storage function, humidity data storage function, and color data storage function.

4.The quality of the picture is beautiful and meticulous.


  COB HD display products can meet the needs of 0.5-1.0 smaller dot pitch. The upgrade from a point source to a surface light source eliminates the graininess of the traditional SMD LEDs, the picture is delicate and meticulous. Seamless stitching, easy to meet 2K/4K/8K and higher resolution display. With wide color gamut, high contrast, clear display of dynamic, static video and digital graphic information, the display effect is more exciting.

5.After-sale worry-free, let you feel at ease


  It is easy to clean, In the daily life,it can be wiped with wet cloth, and it can be cleaned in time without any additional cleaning and maintenance costs. COB HD display products have ultra-high reliability, protection and adaptability, and almost zero failure, for customers to greatly save after-sales costs.

  Ledman COB HD display, the pursuit of exploring the margins of vision, creating a vision of wisdom for customers. Committed to providing customers with the best quality products, more excellent service. Let you rest assured, peace of mind, ease of mind! You, worth having!

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