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Ledman Digs for Gold in "Blue Ocean"

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  According to the interim statements in 2019, thanks to the development of COB display products, Ledman display products in the first half year realized revenue of RMB 209 million, a year-on-year growth of 40%. In the past five years of development in COB display technologies, the benefits of Ledman strategy are becoming apparent.

 On August 28, “2019 National New Display Study Tour of GG Production & Research” Team visited Ledman and carried out the discussion with Martin Lee, chairman of Ledman, Tu Menglong, technical director, Zhang Long, brand leader on COB display and Micro LED.

  According to Ledman, it has 15 years of experience in encapsulation and 14 years of experience in display screen manufacturing. As one of a handful of enterprises combining encapsulation and HD display technology in the LED industry, it has unique advantages in developing COB display techniques.




 “As for the COB display techniques, 70% are encapsulation techniques and 30% display techniques.” Martin Lee told the New Display Study Tour of GG Team that, for the time being, few Chinese enterprises took the route of COB because of two aspects: technical and business models.

  In terms of techniques, most screen enterprises do not have COB display techniques and always think twice for large-scale development restricted by capital and costs. Martin Lee noted that chip mounters were not necessary for COB display techniques. While for screen enterprise, chip mounters take a larger investment share of production equipment.

  In terms of business model, the encapsulation factories’ involvement in COB means expanding the screen market and the business model will change. On the one hand, it will influence the value chain of customers of encapsulation factories (downstream screen enterprises); on the other hand, most encapsulation factories do not have channel or customer advantages as screen enterprises.

  In summary, few domestic enterprises take the route of COB which provides precondition for Ledman who enjoys advantages.

According to GG new display, since the official release of COB small-spacing HD display panel in March 2018, Ledman has released a number of small-spacing products such as P1.9-0.9 and realized the mass production of Micro LED display panel products based on COB techniques, boasting outstanding performance in the industry.

  In terms of the market situation, COB has not witnessed blowouts yet, but Ledman has full confidence for COB products.

Martin Lee introduced that COB display products have characteristics of maintenance-free, interactivity, UHD. Specifically, products are splash-resistant, impact resistant, and moisture-proof, with a failure rate of below 10PPM; while products of Ledman will not be repaired if below 3-5PPM.

  Interactivity means that products can be hand-written. Especially in conferences, functions such as hand-writing, auto-storage and sharing are very important. Martin Lee disclosed that the smart conference system released in the next month will have functions of interactivity and video conferencing, which can effectively satisfy the needs of the conference.

Resolution ratio of COB products of Ledman covers 2K, 4K, 8K. P0.9 products can realize two-meter free of the sensation of granule and noise.

  Apart from the above characteristics, Martin Lee also said that, COB display technology has a powerful and effective tool, low costs. “At present, we face some yield problems and some special materials have not realized mass production, so the costs are about 10% higher than that of SMD. But soon it will be lower than this. ”

  According to Tu Menglong, compared with SMD encapsulation technology, COB has omitted the encapsulation. The main problem is yield. “Of course, the yield has been above 95%. “”

 “This is a blue sea industry”, Martin Lee predicted that by the end of this year, revenue of COB display products will account for 50% that of display products of Ledman, 30% for the first half year

  Meantime, based on COB technology advantages, Ledman has made considerable progress in R&D of Micro LED and released the first 324-inch 8K UHD display screen in July this year.

  Martin Lee felt optimistic about the Micro LED market. He said that Micro LED had advantages of power-saving, highlighting and Nanoscale response time. “In the next five years, we can’t find a better direction “

 Meanwhile, Martin Lee thought that Micro LED had two development paths—one is the super-large size and the other super-small size. As the super-small size requires a huge amount of transfer techniques, it is predicted that the market stills needs 2 to 3 years to develop.

  Super-large size refers to display screen over 100-inch. Compared with OLED, LCD, Micro LED has more advantages, especially in private cinemas and conferences and other high-end scenes. Tu Menglong said that COB products of Ledman focused its sights on the market of over 100-inch.

  As for the high costs, Martin Lee believed that with the mass production of products, the costs would drop to an acceptable standard. But he also pointed out that the costs of Micro LED should not be compared with that of LCD. For the market of over 80-inch, LCD panels occupied a superior position.

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