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Overcoming Difficult Times Together | LEDHUB Helps Government and Enterprise Units Work Remotely

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  The outbreak of pneumonia caused by a novel coronavirus infection in Wuhan City has intensified across China, and the number of new confirmed cases is increasing. Medical experts suggest that people should go out less and stay away from densely populated places, minimizing group contact. However, group activities such as meetings are essential for government and enterprise operations. In this case, the remote video conference system and remote office collaboration system play an important role. The remote video conference system allows people to hold meetings or discuss problems at home, office, hotel or even anywhere without having to come together, which minimizes virus spreading.

  It is learned that in the context of the novel coronavirus epidemic, many government and enterprise units have begun to attach importance to the application of remote video collaboration platforms. For example, Chengdu Chenghua District, in accordance with the overall deployment of epidemic prevention and control, requires all units to learn about video conferencing systems and vigorously promote online office, remote office, smart services and other methods, so as to ensure the efficient and orderly implementation of various tasks such as "facilitating healthy urban operation while handling epidemic prevention and control".

  Ledman, as a leading Micro LED manufacturer in China, debuted its smart conference system LEDHUB (hereinafter referred to as "LEDHUB") at the end of 2019. Compared with traditional video conference systems, LEDHUB uses COB technology-based Micro LED displays, most of which are large screens of more than 100 inches, in dislocation competition with giants such as Cisco. The most outstanding advantage of LEDHUB is its ultra HD large screen and handwritten screen, which greatly enhances the meeting efficiency and experience.

  According to public information, LEDHUB uses the built-in COB technology-based Micro LED display, which features high protection, high reliability, high definition, excellent picture quality, and low energy consumption. The three-dimensional scenario display vividly conveys much more details than ordinary pictures, and presents massive complex data on a single screen, which facilitates social security monitoring, system integration and data presentation of emergency command centers, video command systems, video conferences, etc. LEDHUB implements abundant and powerful functions such as writing whiteboards, document management, video conferencing, and wireless screen transmission, which eliminates the pain points of ordinary conference rooms, that is, unclear whiteboards or projection pictures, network disconnection, inconvenient writing, and no remote access. It creates a new ecosystem of multi-purpose smart conferences that integrates six machines (projector, electronic whiteboard, high-definition cinema, computer, video conference, and mobile phone), which maximizes the conference efficiency and convenience. LEDHUB is an office conference system suitable for remote video.

  In addition, LEDHUB built-in dual Android and Windows systems for the supporting solution, achieving multi-screen interaction, remote collaboration, one-click saving, and wireless sharing. This feature-rich, powerful, highly integrated system help users communicate and make decisions in the onsite or remote office meetings, making it suitable for remote video conferences in the emergency command center. It minimizes the risk of disease in centralized offices during critical periods. 


  Some analysts believe that the epidemic will make more parties, government agencies and enterprises realize the importance and convenience of the telecommuting conference system and help cultivate their usage habits. The telecommuting conference market is expected to grow rapidly in the next few years. As a leading competitor in the telecommuting conference market, Ledman has outstanding advantages in screen technology, system and other aspects, and will fully benefit from these highlights in the future. In the long run, with the advent of the "5G + 8K" era, the ultra-large screen and ultra HD video conference system will develop into a new blue ocean market, becoming the power point and growth point of Ledman in the future.

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