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ISE2020 Curtain Call | Ledman P0.6 UHD Micro LED Display Highlights the Charm of Technology

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  ISE, the world's largest audiovisual and system integration exhibition, was held in the RAI hall in Amsterdam, the Netherlands from February 11 to 14, 2020.

  Currently, people are working together to fight against the epidemic in the face of the novel coronavirus outbreak. Ledman has overcome all difficulties to make its appearance safely, bringing its exhibits and ultra HD solutions to demonstrate the strength of China's intelligent manufacturing and add fame to ISE2020.

  Ledman's new generation of COB technology-based 0.6mm-pitch ultra HD Micro LED displays made its world debut at the ISE exhibition. This release marks that Ledman has once again taken the lead in the field of ultra HD Micro LED displays after releasing its 324-inch ultra HD 8K Micro LED displays in July 2019. Many customers came here specially for COB technology, watching and inquiring about the 0.6mm-pitch ultra HD Micro LED display at the Ledman booth.


Customers inquiring about ultra HD display solutions at the Ledman booth


Ledman ultra HD P0.6 Micro LED display panel

  The new-generation 0.6mm-pitch ultra HD Micro LED displays based on COB technology has made technological innovation based on the previous generation of COB products. The new-generation technology uses micron-level full-flip LED chips. Ledman has developed a full set of new flip COB technologies, including micro-level LED chip transfer technology, LED chip and substrate bonding technology, and micro-pitch micro-level LED chip repair technology, COB sealing technology, module ink color consistency technology, correction technology, micro-pitch seamless splicing technology, efficient heat dissipation technology, and mass production process and technology for new products. The small-scale trial production of Ledman ultra HD 0.6mm-pitch Micro LED displays has been completed, and new product technologies and production processes are maturing and can be used for mass production. The new products can be launched in a timely manner based on market demand.

  The exhibits also include the Ledman smart conference system LEDHUB, which was first launched at the end of 2019. This is also its overseas debut.


Ledman smart conference system LEDHUB, integrating six machines

  Compared with traditional video conference systems, LEDHUB uses COB technology-based Micro LED displays, most of which are large screens of more than 100 inches, in dislocation competition with giants such as Huawei and Cisco. The most outstanding advantage of LEDHUB is its ultra HD handwritten large screen, which greatly enhances the meeting efficiency and experience.

A glimpse of Ledman ISE2020

  Due to the novel coronavirus outbreak, many customers failed to attend the ISE exhibition, and many customers did not enter Hall 12 where Chinese companies gathered even if they participated in the ISE exhibition. However, surprisingly, many customers came to the Ledman booth during the 4-day exhibition period thanks to the strong appeal of Ledman ultra HD Micro LED display and smart conference system LEDHUB. The number of onsite customers increased compared with the same period last year, and some new customers signed and placed orders on the spot.


  As the world's leading ultra HD display expert, Ledman will continuously focus on technological innovation, enhance the quality of service, lead China's LED smart manufacturing with hard-core products and aerospace quality, provide comprehensive products and services, and create more value.

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