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Ledman COB Ultra HD Display Shines on SZMG

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Address:SZMG office building entrance hall, Products:Ledman COB Ultra HD Display


Requirements:TV broadcast, live signal broadcast for large events, live signal broadcast for in-station events, background display for large events, etc.

Installation method:Floor-type cabinet

  The ultra HD display project for SZMG office building hall got off the ground last weekend. With its ultra HD display that features primary color display, low brightness and high gray, seamless screen, wide viewing angle, high refresh rate and high stability, Ledman COB has become a model product in the field of ultra HD display for radio and television industry.

Ledman Display Solution for Radio and Television

Prominent advantages of COB


  Ledman 's COB Ultra HD display adopts Ledman 's own patented COB integrated encapsulation technology. The whole screen is seamless and fully integrated and many screens can be put together for 4K and 8K HD display with customized screen size. The product has the NTSC broadcast grade color rendition range with a variety of colors for display. It allows color temperature to range from 3200K to 9300K to meet the demand of different scenes for color temperature, making it especially suitable for sports and variety shows that require ultra HD display.In addition, Ledman’s point-by-point correction system can correct the brightness and chroma of each pixel on the LED display to achieve consistent performance characteristics, ensure accurate color rendition and avoid color deviation of the broadcast image caused by color aberration. The excellent display effect can better set the mood of events or festivals, convey information effectively, and provide more options for radio and television customers to deliver news events and conduct live interaction.

Powerful system


  In conjunction with camera, Ledman COB display can accurately perform functions of video playing, graphic content delivery and real-time information distribution.

  Ledman COB display can realize real-time live broadcasting, video playback, radio, television and satellite television program broadcasting. Besides, it allows for text display on TV pictures, panorama display, close-up display, slow motion display, animated display, still picture display, and special effect display. It supports PAL, NTSC, SECAM, SDTV, HDTV and other standards. Its brightness, contrast, saturation and chroma can all be adjusted at 256 levels through software to meet the needs for live radio and television news broadcasting, artistic performances, variety shows and other programs. The Ledman COB Ultra HD display, together with its remote video conferencing system, can realize live broadcasting of the main and branch venues so that meeting attendees will view smooth and clear images.

Safe and reliable


  "Radio and television screens" have huge demand for the performance of display and do not tolerate any “downtime” of display during live broadcast.

  Ledman COB ultra HD display is designed to solve the "pain points" of customers in the broadcasting industry by adopting redundant backup design to ensure the effective operation of the system; by carrying out independent networking, digital encoding, transmission and decoding of various types of audio and video signals to avoid signal noise interference, long-distance transmission attenuation, signal quality degradation and other problems existing in traditional solutions; by adopting certain solutions to ensure communication and network security; and by performing security emergency function and reserving interface for manual intervention to deal with various emergency situations, facilitate customers in radio and television industry to take emergency measures and avoid adverse effects.

  In the future, Ledman will continue to bring the long-term advantages of ultra HD display into full play, promote the deep integration between "5G+8K" and radio and television media, explore various cooperation models in fields of ultra HD display, intelligent display and mobile interconnection, and contribute to the construction of intelligent radio and television.

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