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Ledman LEDHUB Won Innovation Award of Shenzhen AI Anti-epidemic Symposium and Achievement Exhibition

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  To fully showcase the anti-epidemic innovations and summarize the role of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, the Shenzhen AI Anti-epidemic Symposium and Scientific and Technological Achievements Exhibition was recently held on the internet, which attracted nearly one hundred leading technology companies to show their anti-epidemic technological achievements and solutions. This event was organized by the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Commerce, with the theme of "Unite as One, Innovative Anti-epidemic".


  Ledman LEDHUB Smart Conference System (hereinafter referred to as "Ledman LEDHUB") won the Innovative Product Award of the 2020 Unite as One, Innovative Anti-Epidemic --  Shenzhen AI Anti-Epidemic Symposium and Scientific and Technological Achievements Exhibition by virtue of its powerful anti-epidemic performance and high reliability.


  Ledman LEDHUB is equipped with a COB-based UHD Micro LED display, which features high protection, high reliability, high definition, excellent picture quality, and low energy consumption. The stereoscopic scenario-specific display shows more realistic pictures and much more details than conventional displays, and presents massive complex data on a single screen. LEDHUB is suitable for social security monitoring, system integration and data presentation in emergency command centers, video command systems, video conferences, etc. In addition, Ledman LEDHUB implements abundant and powerful functions such as writing whiteboards, document management, video conferencing, and wireless screen transmission. It eliminates the pain points of conventional conference rooms, that is, unclear whiteboards or projection pictures, network disconnection, inconvenient writing, and no remote access. It creates a new ecosystem of multi-purpose smart conferences that integrates six machines (projector, electronic whiteboard, high-definition cinema, computer, video conference, and mobile phone), which significantly improves the conferencing efficiency and convenience. In one word, Ledman LEDHUB is an office conference system that is ideal for remote videos.

  In the special period of national epidemic prevention, Ledman LEDHUB realizes remote video conferencing for governments and enterprises and enables efficient remote collaboration. It assists government agencies in serving the people, and helps enterprises resume work and production efficiently, which achieves both epidemic prevention and remote work. It promotes the orderly development of various tasks such as "conducting epidemic prevention and control, while promoting the healthy operation of cities".Ledman strives for scientific and technological innovations and undertakes social responsibility in the battle against the epidemic.

  Ledman will continuously provide high-quality UHD displays and services for government agencies, enterprises and individual customers, respond to national policies actively, and give full play to its role in epidemic prevention and enterprises' development.

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