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Ledman LED has an Outstanding Advantage in the Industrial Chain from Packaging to App Integration

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  As new applications such as smart cities and remote office are constantly emerging and developing, the LED industry witnesses a huge market space accompanied by intensified industry competition. Currently, excellent local LED enterprises are expected to give full play to their accumulated advantages of industrial chain layout and products and seize more market share. All A-share enterprises, including Ledman and MASON Technology, have contributed to the layout of the industrial chain. Ledman focuses on the Micro LED field. It is the only LED display company covering the middle and lower reaches of the industry, with strong core competitiveness.

  In 2019, due to the dual impact of the global economic downturn and trade frictions, the LED market slowed down, and the industry competition became more intense. However, the development of new-generation information technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and big data have further expanded the applications of the new display industry, showing a diversified development pattern. In recent years, relevant state departments have introduced a series of policies to support the development of the panel industry. Through top-level design, standardized layout and dynamic adjustment, they have played an important role in guiding and promoting the high-quality development of China's new display industry.

  In this context, opportunities and challenges coexist in China's LED display industry. The listed companies in China have been working hard to improve their core competitiveness. It is believed in the industry that enterprises with a sound industrial chain have an obvious competitive edge in terms of cost and efficiency and are expected to gain more market shares, for example, the listed company MASON Technology. MASON Technology is a provider of mid-to-high-end LED light source device packaging and LED lighting products. It integrates R&D, design, production and sales, and is main products include LED light source devices and LED lighting products.

  Another company is Ledman. It has a complete industrial chain from LED device packaging to LED application products, and has rich experience in LED packaging and display R&D and manufacturing. Each link in its industry chain promotes each other and develops in coordination. Ledman quickly conveys the latest development trend of the market, carries out forward-looking technological innovation, and produces high-quality products suitable for the development trend of the LED market.

  According to data, Ledman has accumulated more than ten years of LED integrated packaging technologies and LED display design and intelligent control technologies. It is the first company in the industry to independently launch and mass-produce UHD Micro LED displays based on the cutting-edge COB integrated packaging technology. In addition, Ledman has continuously improved the product structure and business ecology based on the development of the 8K UHD industry, accumulated rich technical experience, and gained an important position in the LED field.

  It is understood that Micro LEDs have two important application directions: ultra-large size above 100 inches and ultra-small size below 10 inches. Ultra-small LEDs are mainly used for mobile phones, VR glasses, wearable devices, etc. Ultra-large LEDs are mainly used for high-end professional displays, commercial displays and civil display fields, such as command halls, conference centers, and home theaters.

  Currently, Ledman UHD Micro LED displays have been applied in big data centers, military command centers, monitoring centers and other fields. Ledman has released the Ledman LEDHUB intelligent conference system based on Micro LED interactive panels, which is gradually used in intelligent conference rooms, super home theaters and other application scenarios. In addition, Ledman has been actively accumulated and developed technologies for small-size Micro LED displays.

  Mr. Martin Lee, Chairman of Ledman, pointed out that the company's layout from packaging to application integration promotes the company to independently design and develop Micro LED products based on the COB technology. The COB technology is a cutting-edge technology that integrates packaging and display. It controls very fine circuits by integrated packaging of discrete devices, that is, thousands of tiny LED pixels, so as to improve the display clarity, reliability, contrast, and gamut. Therefore, Ledman's current and future competitiveness is also reflected in its industrial layout covering the middle and lower reaches of the LED industry chain. Based on this advantage, the company has been capable of independently designing and developing COB technology-based Micro LED products, continuing to lead the industry trend in the COB technology and Micro LED product field.

  According to industry analysis, a complete industrial chain layout is an important embodiment of a company's core competitiveness. Ledman's integrated layout greatly shortens the production period, reduces the cost of production materials, and improves the production efficiency and product quality.

  In addition, Ledman's main product, Micro LEDs, boasts a promising market prospect. According to the Research Report of Great Wall Securities, Ledman has a cumulative investment of nearly $4.8 billion on Micro LEDs, with nearly 5,500 patents applied for. The major giants are now deploying Micro LED technologies in advance,which drives the vigorous development of the industry. The market space is expected to further expand in the future.

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