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Ledman COB UHD Sky Screen Creates an Immersive Viewing Experience

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When Ledman COB UHD sky screen shows the underwater world

A feast for your eyes as you visit Ledman!

Sights like sharks and small fishes,

rough and uneven seabeds,

gorgeous corals and

wafting jellyfishes are vivid.

Ledman customized underwater world

takes you on a fascinating, surreal journey.

Ledman COB UHD displays

create an immersive 3D experience!

  Ledman COB UHD sky screen is located in the lobby of Ledman's Shenzhen headquarters. It is seamlessly spliced by Ledman COB UHD display modules, with 4K resolution and an area of 14.56 m2. The screen is an integrated whole, creating an underwater world full of vigour and vitality. No matter where you stand, you can enjoy an incomparable visual feast and feel the magnificent charm of light and shadow.


  Ledman COB UHD displays have a high grayscale and ultra-high refresh rate, which realizes natural transition between light and shade so that every tiny detail is clearly visible; the high brightness brings stable display in daytime or strong light environments to ensure content transmission; the wide color gamut accurately restores the colors of nature; Ledman point-by-point correction system corrects the brightness and chroma of each pixel, which ensures the accurate reproduction of colors and avoids the color cast caused by chromatic aberration; the HDR brings a wider dynamic range and combines with sound, light, and electricity in an all-around manner to present vivid underwater scenes, which provides immersive and shocking visual effects for visitors.

  Using the chip on board (COB) integrated packaging technology, Ledman UHD displays have super protection properties, including touchability, wear resistance, impact resistance, water resistance, dust prevention, and ESD protection. Thus, Ledman UHD displays are applied in diversified scenarios, such as commercial pedestrian streets, enterprises' lobbies and exhibition halls, theme parks, museums, science museums, exhibition halls, city central squares, large stages, and high-end hotels. Ledman UHD displays create grand 3D scenes such as the vast universe, flowing water and waterfalls, and mountains and rivers.

  The LED screen is inevitably touched during the events held in popular pedestrian streets and other places. Ledman COB UHD displays feature excellent impact resistance, which ensures the safety of the screen and the crowd, especially the adolescents and children. The super waterproof and dustproof properties protect Ledman COB displays from most of the water and dust damage. In response to epidemic prevention and control, Ledman COB UHD displays can be wiped with a wet cloth, which greatly facilitates their routine cleaning and disinfection. 

  Ledman COB UHD sky screen perfectly integrates the cutting-edge UHD technology with artistic rendering, which achieves extraordinary fashion and light and shadow art.

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