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8K UHD TV Pilot Channel Successfully Piloted in Shenzhen

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  The "8K UHD TV Pilot Channel Opening Ceremony and Full Link Livestreaming Experiment Opening Ceremony" was held in Shenzhen on February 1. The AVS3 standard used in this 8K livestreaming experiment is the world's first video coding standard for 8K and 5G industrial applications. Pengcheng Laboratory, Guangdong UHD Video Innovation Center and many other units have jointly carried out technological research, so as to strongly promote the development of China's "5G+8K+AI" industry.


  In Futian District, Shenzhen, a large outdoor screen displaying 8K UHD videos has attracted many people to stand aside and watch. China Media Group will transmit 8K UHD TV pilot channel information to nine cities, including Guangzhou and Shenzhen, from February 1 to February 28. It will also broadcast the Spring Festival Gala through the 8K UHD TV pilot channel on New Year's Eve on February 11, which is the world's first live broadcast of a major event on the 8K UHD TV channel.


  It is understood that this 8K livestreaming experiment adopts the AVS3 video standard jointly developed by Peking University, Pengcheng Laboratory, Huawei and other units. According to tests, more intelligent and efficient coding technologies are used in the implementation process of the AVS3 video standard, and breakthroughs are made in key technologies. The AVS3 video standard has become a "Chinese Standard" in the field of high-definition video technologies in the world, and its applications and research have reached the international leading level.

  After the AVS3 standard was launched, China's leading companies such as Huawei have developed AVS3-supported products and solutions, ranging from chips, software to systems. This technological innovation will trigger industrial changes represented by smart medical care, smart transportation, advanced manufacturing, culture, education and entertainment, which promotes "5G+8K+AI" to become Guangdong's new important economic growth pole.


Mr. Martin Lee, Chairman of Shenzhen Ledman Optoelectronic Co., Ltd.:

Drive the development of the entire LED industry chain

Promote the entire 8K UHD industry in China

Overtake on curves in the new era

Drive our 8K UHD large screens

Gradually from dedicated use to commercial use in the future

Finally, from commercial use to civilian use in about five years

Achieve wonderful experience of 8K UHD

Ding Wenhua, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering:

I think that this strategic layout is very correct

By reaching the commanding heights of 8K

Drive the greater development of the entire consumer electronics industry,

the video industry, and the information industry in the internet industry

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