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Ledman Annual Meeting on the Cloud | Forge Ahead in the Blue Ocean and Win the Future with Wisdom

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  Forge Ahead in the Blue Ocean and Win the Future with Wisdom - Ledman Commendation Conference and 2021 Online Spring Festival Party was held as scheduled on February 1. All Ledman people from the main venue and 12 branch venues gathered in the live broadcast room to enjoy this "feast on the cloud." The branch venues include the Vietnam TDRSHARE branch venue, North China Marketing Center branch venue, Northwest Marketing Center branch venue, East China Marketing Center branch venue, Southwest Marketing Center branch venue, Central China Marketing Center branch venue, South China Marketing Center branch venue, Huizhou Ledman branch venue, Apexls branch venue, and TDRSHARE branch venue.


  The year 2021 has arrived, and the Chinese New Year is coming soon. In the new year, Ledman is ushering in new opportunities and new challenges.


Chairman Mr. Martin Lee delivered the new year's speech:

  At the beginning of 2021, I would like to share some good news with you. 

First of all, congratulations to all of you for participating in this annual meeting on the cloud using Ledman proprietary UHD displays. This successful meeting marks the successful conclusion of the first long-distance interactive exercise, and the upcoming new development of video interactions in multiple locations.

  Secondly, the Vietnam plant of Ledman TDRSHARE has been put into trial production recently, which is a key move for Ledman to develop its overseas strategy and expand its overseas market. The overseas factory will be mutually beneficial with Ledman's headquarters and Chinese strategic divisions.

  Finally, Ledman 8K UHD large screen completed the world's first AVS3 standard 8K live broadcast this morning, receiving the 8K signals transmitted in real time from CCTV, and previewing the 8K live broadcast of the Spring Festival Gala of the Year of the Ox. Ledman worked with the academic and industrial circles in this experiment, opening a new era of 8K live broadcast. In the future, Ledman will continue to deepen technological reforms and participate deeply in the development of the UHD industry.

  The recent good news and the harvest of the past year are inseparable from the concerted efforts of every Ledman people. At this moment, I'd like to express my heartfelt thanks to every Ledman people and their families! In 2021, Ledman's domestic sales force has been growing, and system construction has made progress. In the face of complex changes in the internal and external environments, let's maintain a sober awareness and get ready for all challenges.

  The blueprint has been drawn, and it is time to forge ahead. In 2021, let's strive ahead together for win-win results. On behalf of Ledman, I wish the Ledman people in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Chengdu, Xi'an, Changsha, Huizhou and other marketing centers and the Ledman people far away in Vietnam a happy Chinese New Year and a happy family!


  Wang Lishan, Ledman vice chairman, said in her speech that Ledman people should bear in mind that product quality is Ledman's dignity. Quality is the sail, and the enterprise is the ship. If the sail falls, the ship stops; if the sail is raised, the ship moves forward. Every Ledman people should "be eager to make progress in times of challenges", persistently pursue excellence with one heart and mind, and advance with the times to win the future.


  Ledman adheres to the spirit of strivers, honors talent development, motivates outstanding staff, and creates a development environment for staff. This annual meeting commends Ledman staff who have made outstanding achievements in 2020, and prevents awards on site, including the Annual Outstanding Employee Award, Annual Outstanding Team Leader Award, Craftsman Award, Technological Innovation Breakthrough Award, Best Quality Progress Award, Annual Best Case Award, Annual Safety Advanced Group, Excellent Thesis Award, Marketing And Sales Award, Annual Most Potential Award, Annual Sales Champion Award, and Annual Best Sales Team Award.


  After the exciting commendation session, the versatile Ledman people demonstrated their entertaining talent and spirit, which added a joyful atmosphere to the gathering moments with energetic dances, emotional songs and hilarious sketches.


  In the end, the company's executive drew generous gifts for lucky people. Amidst joy and laughter, Ledman Commendation Conference and 2021 Online Spring Festival Party came to a successful conclusion.

Everything in the past is the prelude to the future.

Let's look forward to a bright future together.

  The blueprint for 2021 has been drawn.

In 2021,

Let's strive forward with sufficient confidence and firm belief.

Let's forge ahead in the blue ocean and win the future with wisdom!

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