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Ledman Won the Title of "Shenzhen Top Brand" after Re-evaluation

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  The Shenzhen Top Brand Evaluation Committee announced the final re-evaluation results of the 18th "Shenzhen Top Brand" activity on January 29, 2021. Ledman passed the re-evaluation and won the honorary title of "Shenzhen Top Brand" for 2021-2023. This is the third consecutive time that the "Ledman" brand has passed the re-evaluation of "Shenzhen Top Brand".

  The "Shenzhen Top Brand" cultivation and evaluation activity originated from [2003] No. 64 document issued by Shenzhen Municipal Government in April 2003. It is organized by the Federation of Shenzhen Industries to promote the creation of famous brands among enterprises, and has been carried out for 18 sessions so far. It is reported that the selected enterprises only account for 0.4‰ of the total number of enterprises in Shenzhen. Their total sales volume accounts for 48.60% of the total sales volume of enterprises in Shenzhen, taxes account for 39.18%, and exports account for 35.28%. Now, "Shenzhen Top Brand" has become the main force of building "Shenzhen quality". Moreover, it is also a dazzling gilded signboard for Shenzhen enterprises and their products, making outstanding contributions to Shenzhen's high-quality development and brand building.

  Brand strategy is an important part of Ledman's strategy. Ledman has attached great importance to brand building and has been committed to continuously improving customer satisfaction and corporate brand value. Ledman is the first company to mass produce Micro LED displays using the COB integrated packaging technology, and focuses on 8K UHD displays and strives for innovation. Ledman has mass produced and delivered the LEDHUB intelligent conference system using the pioneered Micro LED SuperCOB technology, has mass produced COB UHD displays with a pixel pitch of 0.6-1.9 mm, and has completed many UHD display benchmark projects.

  The title of "Shenzhen Top Brand" is an affirmation of Ledman's achievements in market development, brand building, product innovation, production capacity layout, and talent team. In the future, Ledman will continue to uphold the concept of "being an international national brand of LED", adhere to the development strategy of combining quality and branding, insist on scientific and technological innovation, deeply participate in the development of LED industry and UHD display, actively open up cooperation and exchanges between upstream and downstream, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of China's LED industry.

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