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Ledman Won "Influential Enterprise" of Chinese Optoelectronics Industry for 2020

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  The China Optics and Optoelectronics Manufactures Association (“COEMA”) announced the result of the 5th annual selection on January 24, 2021. Ledman won the honorary title of "Influential Enterprise" of Chinese optoelectronics industry for 2020.


  The COEMA has held annual optoelectronic industry selection activities since 2015, which has become one of the most influential selection activities in optoelectronic industry, and has been highly concerned and recognized by the industry. Through expert review, online voting and other processes, the relevant awards were finally awarded to encourage the advanced, set good examples, build a social brand with industry credibility and guide the industry to develop well and rapidly.

  Ledman was selected as the "Influential Enterprise" in Chinese optoelectronics industry for 2020 by virtue of its technological innovation, comprehensive strength and industry influence.

  In 2020, Ledman released the pioneered Micro LED SuperCOB technology, mass-produced COB UHD displays with a pixel pitch of 0.6-1.9 mm, mass-produced and delivered the LEDHUB intelligent conference system, and initiated many UHD display benchmark projects. The 5G+8K+AI+N coordinated development achieved certain results. The "Yue Shou Yue Liangsheng" 5G+4K/8K+VR+ multi-view cloud live concert, the world’s first 5G +8K live broadcast, and the world’s first AVS3-standard 8K live broadcast were successfully completed. All these progresses has made Micro LED commercialized further and has made the coordinated development of 5G+8K a step further.

  This award is an affirmation of Ledman in independent patented products, technical indicators, industrial advantages and market recognition from customers and industry experts. As a world-leading expert for LED UHD displays, and as an excellent brand with industry influence and product credibility, Ledman will continue to follow the product technology innovation and the new trend of upstream and downstream application development in the industry, to boost technology innovation and to accelerate the development of LED industry in the future, accompanying with industry, academia, and upstream and downstream enterprises in 8K UHD industry.

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