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LED CHINA 2021| Ledman First Exhibition of the Year Successfully Concluded

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  The 19th LED CHINA 2021 came to a successful conclusion in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center located in Futian District on 16th April. As the widely-recognized “vane” of the development of the LED industry, the exhibition primarily featured LED displays and LED lights. 


▲Ledman 8K UHD Micro LED Display, LEDHUB Smart Conference System and Newly Released COB Immersive Interactive Sky Display  at Ledman Booth


  8K UHD Micro LED Display

  The Ledman 8K UHD Micro LED Display adopts Ledman’s proprietary patented COB technology. The 324-inch 8K FHD display consists of about 100 million luminous chips, and offers such advantages as high brightness, high contrast, primary color display and ultra-strong protection. It can realize a dreamlike connection of 8K+5G+N in the 5G environment.  

  The customized 8K demonstration video perfectly presents each petal and stamen/pistil, and gives a full view of the creation process of oil paintings. It’s a collision of UHD technology, aesthetics and art. The visitors were amazed at the rich details and vivid pictures brought by the amazing display effect of the Ledman Micro LED. 


Ledman 138-inch LEDHUB Smart Conference System  

  The Ledman LEDHUB Smart Conference System was a highlight of Ledman’s Booth this time. It was an ingenious integration of projector, electronic whiteboard, HD cinema, computer, video conferencing, mobile phone functions. The original small screen big display, color gamut space management, have greatly increased the ease of use of AIO in office conferencing, Party building training, exhibition,media classroom and interactive marketing. The visitors experienced “how to easily join the conference anytime anywhere” on the spot, speaking highly of the convenient operation and conference effect of Ledman LEDHUB remote video conferencing.   


Ledman COB Immersive Sky Display

  This event also featured the refreshing debut of Ledman COB Immersive Sky Display. Composed of the COB vertical display and COB sky display, it’s 14.6㎡. This UHD COB display is built with radar, broadcast control system and interactive control system. Through touch interaction and customized contents, it can offer a sense of being under the sea, particular suitable for scenarios requiring both display and fun, like theme parks, science galleries and exhibition halls. The visitors stopped and listened attentively to the functional explanation and demonstration of Ledman staff, and experienced the joy of teasing the fish. 


  TU Menglong, senior director of Ledman R&D Center, attended the exhibition and gave a keynote speech titled “The Several Development Trends of UHD COB Display Technology”. He analyzed the applications, development and evolution process of Micro LED technology, and pointed out that the COB-based Micro LED display technology is the first choice of 8K UHD display. With the continuous cost decline of COB technology, the Micro LED display will surely meet the price sweet spot in the civil display market. Meanwhile, he revealed that steady progress is being made in the integration of Ledman 8K UHD display products and 5G and AI technology. It’s also the main focus point of Ledman in the future.


  With superior products, professional and passionate explanations and services, Ledman drew a large number of domestic and international potential buyers to watch and operate its products, enquire about product performance and make further technical plan exchange with the solution team.


  At this exhibition, Ledman attracted extensive media attention. Through online live broadcast and spot coverage of multiple media, Ledman interacted with customers, and revealed its product strengths, technical routes, marketing layout and planning.

  The 3-day LED CHINA has come to a satisfactory conclusion.

  We would like to extend our thanks for the recognition and affirmation of regular customers.

  As well as the attention and cooperation proposals of new customers.

  In the future, Ledman will continue to work on the UHD industry,provide customers and partners with more finely-made products and together create the UHD new vision.

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