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Ledman: Strong Market Demand for LED Display Brings Sufficient Orders

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  According to China Security News (reporter Dong Tian), a few days ago, Ledman published the first quarter report of 2021, in which the company has obtained a total operating revenue of 226 million yuan, a net profit of 3.9021 million yuan attributable to the shareholders of the listed company. With the epidemic situation at home and abroad under effective control, the market has gradually recovered. The company, in the first quarter, received sufficient orders in its LED display business and the market had a strong demand for the business, while the operating income increased in the same period; however, the net profit attributable to the shareholders of the listed company has declined year on year due to the year-on-year decrease of exchange income and the increase of credit impairment loss.

  In the first quarter, the Company focused on the development strategy and the 2021 Business Plan to seize the opportunity of domestic and international dual cycle strategy, concentrate on the 8K UHD display industry, actively improve the establishment of domestic intelligent display channels, continuously promote the technological innovation and market coverage of Micro LED products, and further improve the share in the niche markets. In the same quarter, the Company’s revenue in the COB-based Micro LED UHD display business increased by 130% over the same period of last year, and the revenue from domestic market increased by 187% over the same period of last year.

  In the first quarter, the Company's small pitch full-color COB display has been confirmed to meet the requirements of CESI 8K UHD certification through comprehensive testing and evaluation, and obtained the authentication certificate for CESI 8K products. This indicates that the company's UHD display products have been officially recognized by the standard, with an exclusive "8K ID card".

  Looking forward to the future, the display industry, driven by the new changes of 5G + 8K vision, will embrace a new era of development opportunities where Micro LED is expected to reshape the display technology pattern. The development of UHD and super large display applications will seize a good development opportunity in data center, smart government administration, smart city, remote conference, commercial display and even civil display. The share of COB-based UHD Micro LED display products in the LED display market will gradually increase in the next few years. As the next generation of UHD display technology, Micro LED display solution independently developed by the Company will play a more important role in the UHD industry of the country. The Company will firmly grasp the development opportunity by continuously investing in and devoting to the R & D, production and marketing of Micro LED UHD display products,. Through smoothing the process of order execution, the Company aims to provide global customers with Micro LED display products and solutions that can cover every scenario.

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