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Ledman LED Lamps Light Up the TV Tower in Changsha
Time : 2016-05-12 Author :Joseph Reading :889

    A spectacular scenery appeared in the sky in Changsha at night. Meanwhile, the old TV tower had become a beautiful landmark locally, decorated with over 1,000pcs Ledman LED Lamps. 

    This TV tower is over 600 ton weight, 198m high, with over 240m altitude, which is one of the highest points in the city.

    As the official supplier of LED lighting to this TV tower project, Ledman and the customer have involved in engineering, designing and installation of this big project, and finished the installation before the International Workers' Day. According to the decoration lighting requests, business days, holidays and sports - three decoration lighting models have been divided by Ledman, with the advantages of our perfect match pattern, high brightness and advanced intelligent control system of our outdoor LED lamps. So there are different lighting changes in different models in order to display the most beautiful and attractive scenery, and make the old TV tower in perfect decoration lighting. What Ledman LED lamps and intelligent control system have brought are not only gorgeous scenery in this city, but also green energy saving and unique modern technology.

    We believe that the Changsha TV tower with Ledman LED decoration lighting will be a charming scenery locally, just like the TV tower in Guangzhou.