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At July 30th, 2015, in a joint effort with Wanda Group, IDG, China Media Capital and Oriental Pearl Tower, Ledman invested 25 million Euro into Infront Sports of Switzerland to join in its equity investment.
Infront Sports and Media Group, headquartered in Zug, Switzerland, is the world's second largest sports marketing company and also one of the world's largest sports media production and broadcasting companies. It possesses rich resources of the top events and related commercial rights and interests. Infront forms into an integrated service platform of full range, merging with equity sales, TV signals and program production, event operation, brand promotion, sponsorship services and online entertainment etc. 
Infront’s cooperation in football field spreads across the world in various level, internationally (such as FIFA), nationally (such as German Football Association and Italian Football Association), and in league (Serie A) and in clubs (such as AC Milan). It covers a host of sports with an operation of more than 25 kinds of sports, ranking the first  in the field of football and winter sports, taking in charging of worldwide broadcasting right of FIFA football events from 2015 to 2022, including two World Cups. Besides, it also maintains a long-term cooperative relationship with hundreds of sponsors, media organizations and 160 sports rights groups all around the world.