Brand Culture
Origins of Brand
Reveals the industry we focus on; represents all people in Ledman; implies Ledman’s target to be leader of LED industry.
Transliteration from Ledman

Brand Image
Color of the Logo
Red, green and blue are tricolor of everything. 
They can form a colorful world, which demonstrates Ledman vision to light up the world. 
And Blue also represents sea, which shows Ledman’s international sights and mind.
Brand Characteristics
Speed: quick reaction, implementation, and reflection;
Passion: have passion and confidence in work and life, develop unlimited potiential;
Sunshine: obtain and pass on positive energy, warm ourselves and others;
Dreams: fight for personal dreams, family dreams, Ledman dreams and Chinese dreams;
Transcendence: transcend ourselves, transcend the past and head for the future;
Culture Essence
【Dreams of Our Own】fight for our own dreams and never give up;
【Dreams of Our Family】work hard for our families and create unbounded happiness;
【Dreams of Ledman】top the industry and seek for mutual development;
【Dreams of China】create values for society and repay the society.