Ledman’s Vision:
The world becomes more beautiful because of Ledman!

Ledman’s Mission:
Ledman is committed to create core value for our customers and promote the industry technology and become a premium brand of China LED industry by developing high quality LED components, display and lighting products.
Ledman’s Values:
Learning, Independence, thinking, cooperation, mutual help;
Heading-on all challenges and getting well grounded;
Outstand by skills, quality and services;
Ledman’s Management Style:
Modern management philosophy, Efficient organization structure
Professional management team, SMART management objectives
Ledman’s Corporate mindset:
Rooted in China with international view
Glow from China and light up the world!
Ledman’s Talents: 
Create value for society, create profits for company, create happiness for families and create improvement for ourselves
Ledman’s Spirit:
Integrity, Diligence, Teamwork, Innovation

Ledman Football:
Speed, passion, sunshine, dreams and transcendence.