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Segunda Liga Title Sponsorship with LEDMAN
Время : 2016-01-27 Автор :admin Чтение :2896
    China Stock News-- a press conference for the announcement of title sponsorship to Portuguese professional football league (Segunda Liga) and an oversea study project for Chinese players was held at Beijing at 25th, January, 2016. Li Tieman, Chairman of the LEDMAN, introduced that the strategic cooperation with Segunda Liga would not only include the exclusive title sponsorship of Segunda Liga, but Segunda Liga would be named as LEDMAN PROLIGA officially from the date of signing. And LEDMAN will obtain a series of business cooperation interest, turning into the first Chinese company establish sponsorship of European football league. Since then, LEDMAN will dispatch 10 players and 3 assistant coaches to top ten football clubs in Segunda Liga’s ranking list every year, in return, the league will ensure their appearance ratio in effort to promote the Chinese players’ football skill.
    This strategic cooperation with Segunda Liga is beneficial to the integration of business resources, promoting the business development to a new level. At present, slump economies in both Portuguese and other European countries have some negative influences on the commercial exploitation, so LEDMAN’s involvement would be a tunnel for domestic business resources, like CSL and CL, and Segunda Liga. Besides, this would create a football sponsorship project of multilevel, and of low and high end which also includes national and international markets to Chinese customers and investors. Meanwhile, global customers aiming for Chinese football market and as well as capitals will be introduced into China, so as so to discover more new fields in business. In the midst of lots of Chinese Olympic players edging into Segunda Liga, national focus on these football players would soar unprecedentedly now, which definitely will attract more concentrate on and raise in value of Segunda Liga. 
    Besides, the Portugal Top Junior System which is well-known all over the world have cultivated a Cristiano Ronaldo, Radamel Falcao García Zárate, Luis Figo of Portugal and other top players. The young players who are selected to get training in the Portugal Top Junior System will greatly enhance the level of Chinese football in the future. Currently, Li Yuanyi, Chen Zhechao and other players who have been trained in Segunda Liga have become the main force of the National Olympic Team. And lots of Chinese Super League club want to hire them. Thus, the great commercial value of this project is obvous. Above all, LEDMAN will create a junior system chain, then improve the global young talents delivery platform. This collaboration prompted LEDMAN to open the junior system, brokerage and other new business, which expanded and completed LEDMAN’s football industry chain. Portugal project is just the beginning of LEDMAN’s overseas football business. In the future, through merger& acquisition, collaboration and other p atterns, LEDMAN will be incorporated into more overseas football resources. Based on the existing football club-RENRENZU, LEDMAN plans to open an international football school, which will help itself to complete the multi-aged players cultivation, selection, transportation, brokerage and value development etc. 
    The cooperation between LEDMAN and the Portuguese Professional Football League create a new model of Chinese brands in international business cooperation. This will promote business cooperation and football culture exchange between China and Portugal. Meanwhile, it will promote the improvement of Chinese football player, and play an active role in upgrading the level of Chinese football. 

    In recent years, LEDMAN roots in Chinese football, investing sports industry actively, and cooperating with Chinese Sports and related projects. The strategic partnership with the Portuguese League is milestone of overseas business. In the future, LEDMAN will rely on the accumulation it have in high-tech LED industry and the pioneer advantages in sports industry, making full use of capital market advantages, and became a capital output, management output, brand output of listed companies. (Reporter: Li Xiangcai)