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Ledman was selected as pre-award winner of the Chinese Patent Excellence Award
Время : 2017-12-08 Автор :ledman Чтение :125

  Recently, the State Intellectual Property Office announced the results of the 19th China Patent Award. The Ledman Optoelectronic HZ Co., ltd invents patent, "LED and its Packaging Method (ZL201210339077.2)", a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ledman, was selected as one of the pre-award winners of the China Patent Excellence Award.

  It is reported that this review selected a total of 20 pre-awarding projects for the Chinese patent, 5 pre-winning awards for the China Design Awards, 804 pre-winning projects for the China Patent Excellence Award and 68 pre-winning projects for the China Design Excellence Award.

  The Chinese Patent Award, established by the State Intellectual Property Office in 1989, is the only government department award in our country that awards rewards for the invention of patent-granted patents. It has been recognized by the UN World Intellectual Property Organization and has a certain international influence. Award criteria not only emphasize the project's patented technology and innovation height, but also pay attention to its use in the market transformation process, but also its protection status and management requirements.