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Executive director of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government as the Chinese delegation of the HRM course visited Ledman
Время : 2017-12-29 Автор :ledman Чтение :139

   On the morning of November 30, 2017, more than 30 chief executive officers from the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government organized by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University came to Ledman for visit. The chairman of the Ledman, Li Mantie led the managers of human resources centers and business center brand department to give cordial reception.

   This year marks the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to the motherland. With the strong support of the Central Government and the motherland in the Mainland over the past 20 years, the Hong Kong Government has been actively promoting the exchange and cooperation between Hong Kong and the Mainland. Shenzhen and Hong Kong, which are located in coastal cities, are separated by a river. Shenzhen-Hong Kong exchanges are closer and their interaction is more and more frequent.

   The delegation first visited Ledman’s office areas, approving the company's clean and tidy office environment and an open humanistic environment, and then took a seat in the training room on the fourth floor to start the exchange.

   The leader of HR Center and assistant of president, Wang Lei first gave a speech with the theme of "Ledman innovation management sharing" and introduced Ledman's organizational structure and business development status based on the background of today's social environment and national policies as well as the company's achievements in human resource management and R & D management.


   Mr. Li Mantie, chairman of Ledman, introduced the development and listing process of Ledman in the theme of "Cross-Border and Innovation - Keeping High-Tech and Sports Together" and stressed the importance of innovation in the development of the enterprise. He said the company is constantly consolidating the main LED industry and will vigorously promote the layout of COB micro-pitch display. In aspect of Ledman sports, he introduced Ledman's investment in two football clubs - Shenzhen Renren Football Club and Ledman Australian Super Newcastle Jets Football Club. He said Ledman as a sports resource operator will use football as an industry chain to contribute to the development of Chinese football. At the same time, as a listed company with social responsibility, Ledman will actively create and disseminate a positive corporate culture and actively contribute to football, public welfare and other aspects.

  In the subsequent interactive session, delegation members ask Chairman Li some questions about Ledman LED display development direction, football culture into the community and corporate culture inheritance and so on, Li gave a comprehensive answer.

    By watching Ledman corporate videos, visiting the corporate image showroom, thematic lectures and interactive exchanges, Ledman formed a multidimensional stereoscopic picture in the mind of the delegation, and left a deep impression on Ledman’s business development, cross Industry innovation and social responsibility. The chairman Li Mantie, presented football club's flags of the Shenzhen Renren Football Club and the Australian Super Newcastle Jets to the delegation which represent the sporting spirit, and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University gave back the present of "Hospitality, Enlightenment" memorial certificate.