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Ledman invention patent "LED and its packaging method" won the China Patent Excellence Award
Время : 2018-01-05 Автор :ledman Чтение :155

   On December 13, 2017, the 19th National Patent Award Presentation Ceremony was held in Beijing organized by State Intellectual Property and World Intellectual Property Organization. Huizhou Ledman, the subsidiary Ledman wholly owned which Invention patent "LED and its packaging method (ZL201210339077.2)" won the China Patent Excellence Award.

   The Chinese Patent Award is the highest award in the field of patents in China. It is endorsed by the United Nations World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and has a great international influence. The China Patent Award is based on the "China Patent Award Evaluation Measures," the provisions of the State Council department intellectual property management agencies, local intellectual property offices, the national industry associations, as well as the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering and other recommended by the Chinese patent Awards Review Board review, the State Intellectual Property Office and the World Intellectual Property Organization review, the State Intellectual Property Office and the World Intellectual Property Organization jointly awarded the important awards.

   Ledman award-winning invention patents mainly to protect the company developed the core technology products - "asymmetric" inline LED devices. The invention patented direct asymmetric optical design of the LED device converts the invalid light from the viewing angle on the LED display screen into the effective light at the bottom viewing angle and significantly enhances the brightness of the display screen in the effective viewing range of the bottom viewing angle, So as to achieve the purpose of energy saving LED display. LED displays using asymmetric straight-through devices save more than 30% more energy than traditional in-line LED displays, significantly reducing the operating costs for advertising operators. It also offers better viewing than traditional straight-through LED displays, with the added benefit of significantly reduced light pollution.

   Ledman is the innovator of asymmetric in-line LED device products. It was praised by China Patent Excellence Award for the patent level and innovation height of Ledman, and fully affirmed the application of the patent in the market transformation process. Innovation is the driving force for enterprise development. The Company will, as always, step up research and development of core technologies, reinforce the awareness of intellectual property protection and continuously enhance its core competitiveness.