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Ledman officially released the third generation of COB MilliLED display panel
Время : 2018-03-16 Автор :ledman Чтение :115

   On March 4, Ledman's third-generation COB Milliled display panel new conference was held in Guangzhou on the occasion of the 2018 Guangzhou International Large-screen Display Technology and Application Exhibition. The theme of the conference was "Light up the world". It officially released the third generation of COB display technology and Ledman COB new generation of products, and unveiled a series of solutions for different industry needs and application solutions.

   The Chairman and President of Ledman, Li Mantie, introduced Ledman's accumulation of LED integrated package display technology processes, technologies, patents and teams for many years. It emphasized that COB Milliled display panels will be the strategic focus of products and technologies for Ledman in the next three years. Mr. Guan Jizhen, Chairman of the China Optics and Optoelectronics Industry Association Display Application Branch, affirmed the innovation made by Ledman in terms of industry development trends, market capacity, and customer needs, and was optimistic about the future of COB small pitch display. Director of Shenzhen Semiconductor Lighting Industry Co-Innovation Center and Chairman of LED Industry Federation of Shenzhen City Sui Shirong also expressed their congratulations. Zhang Qiang, CEO of the YEJIBANG, greeted the era of the small-pitch 2.0 and described the inevitability of LED display industry entering the COB era.

   The head of Ledman’s Technology Research Center detailed analysis of Ledman's third-generation COB Milliled display technology and Ledman's third-generation COB products. Ledman's product launch event officially released M Series COB HD display panel products, including M1.9, M1.5 and M1.2 products. COB display technology is the next generation of LED small-pitch display products. It adopts a completely different technology route from SMD discrete device display products. By integrating LED light-emitting chips on a special substrate, which realized a smaller pixel pitch that SMD discrete device display products cannot be realized. COB display pixel pitch can be the smallest P0.5 and COB display also have a better reliability, as the anti-collision capability of the light lamp is much higher than SMD discrete device display products.

   Therefore, Ledman COB MilliLED display panel is a third generation of COB display technology pioneered the industry, which has higher protection performance(anti-collision, moisture-proof, dustproof and front waterproof), higher reliability(Ultra low rate of bad LED when disassemble the package, long MTTF when use),  higher contrast ratio, better display effects, better environmental adaptability. It widely used in control room, radio and television studio, high end conference room and other indoor display places, etc. 

   At the press conference, Ledman signed the strategic cooperation agreements with three domestic system integrator customers including Dahua Group and two overseas customers. More than 200 customers and friends who attended the meeting expressed strong interest in Ledman COB display products, and their cooperation intentions were obvious and were willing to import products as soon as possible, and together with Ledman to create a LED small pixel pitch display blue ocean market.

   At present, the small-pitch LED display industry is entering a period of rapid development, and related industries are expected to show that in the next 2-3 years, small-pitch LEDs will still maintain a super-high growth rate, and the market size will approach 10 billion yuan in 2018. It is reported that Ledman' third-generation COB Milliled display panel was the first breakthrough in the field of LED small-pitch display and mass production in March, which is of positive significance for promoting the upgrading of small-pitch LED display industry.