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Shenzhen Ledman FC 3:2 won over Shanghai Shenfan

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August 18,2018, Shenzhen Ledman FC 3:2 won over Shanghai Shenfan in the 20th round of 2018 C2L Games.

On the first half, Shenzhen Ledman FC did the majority of the pressing and Captain Guo Mingyue managed to force a shot in the melee and help Shenzhen Ledman one-up Shanghai Shenfan.

On the second half, Shanghai Shenfan had two rapid counter-attacks theofore got reversed.The 56 minite, Wangrui passed the ball to Mai Sijin who equalised the game with a tap-in.

One minite later, Li Siyuan's late delighet goal ended the game with 3:2.

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