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The 12th Man
The 12th Man Ledman-Kaixing Ledman F.C. LEDMAN 丨 Infront Sports & Media AG China League


The 12th Man App

The 12th Man App, under the leadership of Ledman Sports--cooperative partner of Chinese Super League, was a football mobile application with depth for Chinese football fans.


Facing huge football fans who focus on Chinese Super League, China League, Chinese national football team or China Amateur Football League, The twelfth, on the base of users’ need, organized several modules, including exclusive news, team community, e-shop, sports lottery and online games. It not only spreads game information in-depth, but deeply digs fans culture and heritage of Chinese football.


The 12th Man App aims to create a football community of high fidelity, high quality and high level. Here, your favorite team is your first attribute. Here, you could have the purest pleasure from football, and encounter other fans as much pure as you, watching, reviewing and playing football together.