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The 12th Man Ledman-Kaixing Ledman F.C. LEDMAN 丨 Infront Sports & Media AG China League

Company Profile


Ledman KaiXing Sports and Culture Fund focuses on the investment projects from sports culture, sports technology and internet+ sectors, which are in line with Ledman’s growth strategy. Meanwhile it also looks for high value investment opportunities in other areas. By setting up this fund, Ledman marches forward in the sports industry and speeds up its growth through acquisition.  


Ledman Optoelectronic Co., Ltd.
Ledman Optoelectronic Co., Ltd. , a professional, leading manufacturer in the Chinese LED industry and listed on the  Shenzhen Stock Exchange  (300162.SZ), is committed to developing, manufacturing and marketing high-quality, high-brightness LED components, energy efficient LED lighting products, and indoor and outdoor LED displays. Ledman's core business covers LED display, LED lighting, LED components, LED energy saving and LED media.

Martin Lee
President of Shenzhen Renren Football Club
Graduated from South China University ofTechnology in 1990.
Then got his master’s (EMBA) degree from from Antai College of Economics & Management,ShanghaiJiaotong University in 2005. 

Beijing Ledman Kaixing Investment Management Co.,Ltd
Co-founded by Beijing Kaixing Investment Management Co.,Ltd (80 % of the total investment) and Martin Lee (the rest 20%). Pan Shijian was appointed the representative.



Ledman-Kaixing Buyout funds focuses on investment projects in fields of sports culture, sports technology and internet as well as other fields with investing opportunities full of significant investment value in accordance with Ledman developmental strategy.