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ON CALL 24h| Ledman COB Assisting Luzhou with Emergency Management

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  When disasters come, accidents break out, or the first signs of danger appear, the city’s emergency command center can always receive information and give feedback immediately to ensure the health of the city to the greatest extent day and night. As a “Window” for information transmission of the emergency command and dispatch system, the tailor-made 27.44㎡ COB ultra HD display screen for the Emergency Command Center of Sichuan Luzhou Emergency Management Bureau by Ledman Optoelectronic, uninterruptedly presents video monitoring information, service information, scheduling information with the same screen for 7*24h to provide visual information support for rapid decision-making of the command center. 


  Luzhou Emergency Command Center is the central pivot that supports the emergency management of Luzhou City, realizes pre-event monitoring, mid-event disposal, post-event recovery, and the prevention & control of the whole process, and has very high requirements on the display effect and stability of the display screen. 


Ledman COB Assisting Luzhou Emergency Management Bureau in Strictly Controlling the Resumption of Work and Production of Coal Mines

Picture Source: Sichuan Online

  Ledman COB ultra HD display screen adopts its own patented COB integrated packaging technology. The whole screen is made of several ultra HD display modules through seamless stitching, and can accurately display the graphics, text and video information with ultra-small spacing.

  Moreover, COB ultra HD display screen supports synchronous processing of multiple signals, and has split screen, multi-screen and other information display modes to meet various needs of the Emergency Command Center.

  The duty personnel who undertake emergency duty, administrative duty and other work often need to stare at the screen for a long time. Ledman COB ultra HD display screen with the display characteristics of “Low Brightness High Grayscale” can reduce the brightness without losing the grayscale or picture quality, and can eliminate the irreversible effect of long exposure to bright screens on vision without missing the monitoring of the dark display details. Furthermore, the display has dual power and dual signal configuration, and can establish redundant backup to increase the reliability of the system and ensure uninterrupted display throughout the day. Ledman COB ultra HD display screen has been widely used in the public security, security & protection and emergency center in order to improve the efficiency of information transmission, and facilitate emergency monitoring and early warning, rapid linkage decision-making, construction of a safe city. 

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