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At the Ledman’s annual meeting held at the end of January, the chairman Li Mantie emphasized in particular that with the company's public stock option incentive, COB MilliLED display panel will be the product and technology strategy focus for Ledman’s next three years. Ledman will be based on years of accumulated core technology of integrated package display, Ledman play the role of a technology leader in this high-definition, small pitch LED display and rapid growth area and promote the upgrading of the Led industry products.

COB technology based on the LED RGB three-chip is recognized as the ultimate solution for LED small pitch display, which is the next generation of advanced products. Both SONY's CLEDIS display and Samsung's LED WALL; Whether it is the industry said Mini LED or Micro LED, COB LED is the same origin with the same principle, technology, which have a certain degree of similarity. Based on 14-year LED integrated package display technology, patents and team accumulation, Ledman will take the lead in a breakthrough in the industry. It will focus on the display of 2.0mm to 0.5mm pixel pitch HD display and a mass production will be realized in March.

Chairman Li Mantie said that ‘’the world is bright due to Ledman’’ is our vision, hoping Ledman’s COB MilliLED display products can promote technological progress in the industry and bring more beautiful scenery to the world.

Ledman will officially released the third generation COB MilliLED display panel at Guangzhou International LED Exhibition in early March

Ledman amazes the 2022 NAB SHOW with its UHD display products of excellent visual effect