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On October 19-20, local time in the United States, the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB SHOW) was hosted in New York. Ledman attended the event with its Micro LED UHD display series products.




Hosted by the NAB, NAB SHOW is the only trade show and conference for the broadcast and television technology and equipment industry in North America. Highly professional and influential, it is attended by more than 100,000 digital media professionals from more than 160 countries every year.

Ledman, the pioneer in the Micro LED UHD display industry, showcased its star products such as Micro LED UHD display and COB naked-eye 3D display, attracting the attention of many clients. And some South American customers made a special trip to see its products. On the first day of the exhibition, some customers expressed their intention on the spot to buy the exhibits.

This year marks the fifth year that the brand expands into overseas market with its COB UHD display products. Its solutions have been widely used in audio and video, entertainment, government and enterprise office and other fields at home and abroad, winning wide praises from international customers.



Its UHD large screen is armed with fine display, multi-signal access and other functions. The high refresh rate, perfectly matching the audio and video industry's benchmark for eliminating scan lines, has passed the on-site customer rigorous camera scan test, winning high recognition from customers with high stability, low maintenance rate, and ability to ensure the smooth broadcast of TV programs and live broadcast process.



Ledman’s UHD large screen features soft picture quality, high brightness, low consumption and stable operation. The modular assembly allows expansion into an infinite size according to the diverse needs of the scenarios, providing personalized and customized intelligent display solutions for customers.



Also, by simulating live broadcast scenes with top cameras, the fun interaction attracted many exhibitors and customers to the interactive experience of the creative content. The presentation mode with cloud production and broadcasting and remote production at the core also highlighted its unique application value in the post-epidemic era.

Another star product of Ledman, namely COB naked-eye 3D display screen, was also a focus of attention. With bright color and high true contrast to show the dark and bright details in rich layers, the naked-eye 3D video contents of independent creative design and production were presented successively. The clever and transparent pictures seemed to break through the screen in a twinkling of an eye. Together, they delivered to visitors an immersive visual experience.



COB naked-eye 3D display screen, by combining design sense with artistry and highlighting the "COB UHD Display large screen + autonomous naked-eye 3D creative content", creates a unique immersive experience space.

COB UHD display series products, by exposing customers to new LED display effects of higher clarity, more stability, and greater creativity, has won wide praises and is speeding up the new posture in overseas markets.


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