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On April 9-12, 2018, the American Radio and Television Exhibition (hereinafter abbreviated as NAB Show) sponsored by the American Radio and Television Association was held in Las Vegas, USA. Ledman exhibits COB Milliled display products.

The NAB Show was founded by the National Association of Broadcasters. It brings together the world's top brands in the cross-media industry and the most advanced technology products. It enjoys the reputation of the "Oscar of Broadcasting and Television" in the industry, and it is also the world's largest event in the radio, film, television and digital media entertainment industry.

Ledman COB become a dazzling new star at NAB Show

In the four-day exhibition, Ledman's booth had a constant stream of visitors. The COB Milliled display products and the new E-series indoor display products on display have attracted the attention of customers. Especially, COB Milliled products have become the focus of the audience.

Ledman COB Milliled products are the third generation of COB technology products in the industry. It combines advanced LED integrated packaging technology and LED intelligent display control technology with a series of technological breakthroughs, belonging to the independent intellectual property rights of Ledman. Compared with SMD small pitch products, it has higher crashworthiness, moisture resistance, and reliability. Compared with the second-generation and first-generation COB technology products in the industry, it has high contrast, high definition, and no optical seams. In March 2018, Ledman officially released the third-generation COB Milliled display panel and achieved mass production.

At the NAB exhibition site, there are a lot of customers who are inquiring about COB products and intending to cooperate. Many of them are world-class customers. One of the major customers had come back four times during the exhibition. Each time they came together with their colleagues from different departments, on-site consultations and exchanges of various types of information on COB, and finally the CEO determined cooperation intentions.

COB Milliled product that was exhibited this time had been purchased by customers in the United States before being launched. At the same time, the customer signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Ledman at the NAB exhibition site.

During the exhibition, FCC test equipment manufacturers made RF performance tests on Ledman COB Milliled product screens. Ledman's COBM1.5 Milliled display showed a 3dB rise. The test results showed that the RF performance of Ledman COB products was very good.

Ledman COB products like a dazzling new star at the NAB Show in the United States, making Ledman a great success at the show.