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  Ledman (300162.SZ) held the COB Product Promotion and National Online Investment Promotion Conference on March 24. As the COVID-19 epidemic has not yet been completely over, the conference was held solely online. Senior executives including Mr. Martin Lee, Chairman of Ledman, Gao Liwei, senior manager of the domestic LED business department, Mr. Jacky Lee, executive vice president, and Tu Menglong, senior director of the Technology Research Center attended the conference. They introduced the market application prospect of COB technology, the technology and product advantages of Ledman , and the company’s investment promotion policies. This conference is a huge success, attracting 27,300 distributors and channel partners from all over the country to watch who gave 92,600 likes and had active exchanges of views.

Chairman of Ledman: Share Business Opportunities of 5G with Partners

  After the conference began, Mr. Martin Lee, chairman of Ledman , delivered a speech. He said that under the strong leadership of the government, China's fight against COVID-19 epidemic had won a phased victory and that we should consider how to return our life, work and business to normal. He believed that starting from the second quarter of this year, China's economy would bottom out and rebound, and everyone attending the online conference would have many business opportunities. As an important enterprise in the ultra-high definition display field and the only listed company capable of mass-producing LED ultra-high definition displays based on COB technology, Ledman will also embrace golden opportunities in the upcoming campaign of "New Infrastructure".

Ledman's Online Investment Promotion Conference to Win Market

  Mr.Martin Lee believed that Ledman and all its customers and partners were in the era featuring 5G, big data and cloud computing. He believed that ultra-high definition display products, as intelligent display terminals in the era of big data and cloud computing, would play a more important role in the future and that the ultra-high definition display industry would also embrace golden opportunities of development.

  Small spacing is the fastest growing subdivision of LED industry in the past few years with an annual growth rate of more than 50%. In the face of the rapidly growing market, Ledman has carried out in-depth research over the past five years and finally launched the world's leading Micro LED products based on COB technology, which have been rapidly recognized by the industry. Today, the company will take advantage of the conference to share the company's superior products and cooperation opportunities in the hope of bringing new business opportunities to all partners. It is believed that Ledman will create more value for its customers thanks to its technological breakthrough, expansion of production capacity and the policy of cutting profit in favor of the customers. The company will embrace the opportunities of development in the second, third and fourth quarters of this year together with its partners to jointly develop the Micro LED blue ocean market.

Excellent products come from long-term innovation and technology accumulation.

  Gao Liwei, senior manager of Ledman ’ domestic LED division, gave a detailed introduction to the current status of the LED industry, Ledman’s photoelectric products and its success cases to let the viewers have a deeper understanding of the industry and the advantages of Ledman’s COB products.

  Gao Liwei said that LED (indoor) display technology had three main branches, namely the traditional DLP rear projection technology, the LCD technology, and the current mainstream small spacing LED technology. Looking back at the market situation in 2019, the annual sales volume of the large splicing screen market totaled RMB 17.75 billion, up 23.9% year-on-year, but the growth rate of DLP rear projection and LCD products slowed down, while the annual sales volume of small spacing LED reached RMB 9.95 billion, up 55.1% year-on-year, making the small spacing LED market a blue ocean market enjoying fast growth.

  From the perspective of technology, the current mainstream small spacing technology has two branches, namely the traditional SMD discrete devices, and the micro LED based on COB technology, which represents the direction of future technology. Why does COB represent the direction of future technology? Because COB technology has improved the reliability of SMD LED and is superior to SMD products in protection ability and visual effect. Moreover, SMD is a kind of point light source, so if users use SMD for a long time, their eyes will be hurt. However, COB is a kind of surface light source, which greatly alleviates glare and generates a soft picture without having grainy structure through the use of lenses.

  Gao Liwei said that Ledman released Micro LED products of P1.9 and P1.5 in 2018, then continued to update and iterate the products. Later the company released Micro LED products of P1.2, P0.9, P0.6, etc., and P0.3 is expected to be released in the second half of this year. Ledman's Micro LED products are extraordinary in terms of display effect, contrast, color gamut, service life and protection ability. In terms of protection performance, the company’s Micro LED products based on COB technology can withstand more than 20kg of thrust, which has obvious advantages over SMD products in terms of moisture-proof, mildew-proof, dustproof, waterproof and antistatic performance.

  Ledman is leading the COB field due to its long-term accumulation of technological and innovative achievements and its vast number of patents in the ultra-high definition display field. Up to now, Ledman has granted or accepted 293 patents, 87 of which are patents of inventions.

  Gao Liwei also introduced the LEDHUB Intelligent Conference System that the company had been focusing on. He said that the LEDHUB Intelligent Conference System released at the end of last year had three sizes: 110 inches, 138 inches and 165 inches, all of which had top configuration, including ultra-narrow multi-point touch screen, 4K camera, ultra-high definition display panel based on COB technology, and ultra-fidelity stereo. Thanks to the top hardware configuration, the company can provide multiple functions on the software side, including writing whiteboard, multi-touch control, wireless screen projection and remote coordination.

  In the field of application cases, Gao Liwei introduced the application of the company's products in the command and dispatch center of Shanghai Bus Group. He said that the project had been in operation for two years, and that its failure rate was no more than 3 PPM even if the system worked 24/7, which demonstrated the excellent quality of Ledman’s products.

  Technological breakthroughs and scale effects have reduced costs and thus greatly reduced prices, which benefits customers and help to win the market.

Next came the key part of the conference. Mr.Jacky Lee, executive vice president, introduced the company's investment promotion policy to dealers and distributors across the country and told the company’s potential partners the details of cooperation.

  Mr.Jacky Lee said that after releasing the COB products of P1.2 in 2018, Ledman accelerated its expansion into the domestic market and put more emphasis on the domestic market. It is gratifying to see that with the company's technological breakthrough and increase in production scale, the production cost of Micro LED products based on COB technology has been greatly reduced. To cut profit in favor of the customers and partners, the company decided to greatly reduce the market price of the products. The reduced price will not only help the partners achieve a greater turnover rate and success rate of the project, but also enable distributors to have wider profit margin.

  Mr.Jacky Lee said that for partners, Ledman has the following four core advantages: First, it has a range of LED solutions in many industries, and industry-leading core technologies of COB; Second, it has a first-mover advantage in COB to enable COB to gradually occupy the market of SMD; Third, it puts customers first and spares no efforts to help customers succeed; Fourth, its COB products are of good quality, long service life and easy maintenance, which can help distributors provide better after-sales service.

  Mr.Jacky Lee said that in the future Ledman would strengthen its online and offline promotion to develop new digital marketing capabilities, and enhance its reputation and popularity. He hoped to work with the partners to make their companies become bigger and stronger, and win more benefits in the blue ocean market of Micro LED with COB technology.

  In the Q&A part, Mr.Jacky Lee, executive vice president, Tu Menglong, senior director of the Technology Research Center, and Gao Liwei, senior manager of the domestic LED division, gave detailed answers to questions of concern to all, including "the secret of sharp color display of Ledman’s COB?", "the advantages of Ledman’s LEDHUB?", "how Ledman guarantees the interests of its new partners?", "Ledman's policy towards dealers?", "how Ledman guarantees after-sales service?" and "why Micro LED is the ultimate display technology?".

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